Advanced Skin Cancer Screenings at Pure Pharmacy

by The DermEngine Team on Dec 21, 2017

We’re excited to announce that MetaOptima is working alongside Pure Pharmacy to provide high quality skin checks at six of their locations in the Greater Vancouver Area. Studies show that one in seven Canadians will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime. Since the survival rate of melanoma is over 98% (but drops to 16% in later stages), it is essential to work together to promote early skin cancer detection and awareness to encourage the continued health of as many people as possible.

Pure Pharmacy Skin Cancer Screeniong Banner Dermoscopic Image

How Does It Work?

Working in unison, Pure Pharmacy and MetaOptima will promote high quality, advanced, and effective skin cancer screenings using two technologies: MoleScope (mobile dermatoscopeand DermEngine (our intelligent dermatology software).

DermEngine is an advanced dermatology software that provides high-quality imaging features, efficient documentation and a seamless, secure communication solution for teledermatology.

MoleScope is a digital dermatoscope that can be attached to a wide variety of supported tablets or smartphones. The device will be used in the pharmacies to collect the dermoscopic images with high quality polarized lighting and magnification before they are sent to dermatologists for review on DermEngine.

To get started, patients can simply visit the Pure Pharmacy website and schedule an appointment with the intuitive online booking system. Here, they can conveniently choose a time, date, and location that works best for them with no extra effort. Alternatively (if space is available) they can drop-in at a pharmacy during business hours.

Once the patient arrives for their appointment, the staff member will take a medical-grade quality image with MoleScope. This image will be analyzed by a board-certified dermatologist via DermEngine for review, and provide an e-triage report for the patient within five business days.

Pure Pharmacy Skin Checks MoleScope

Benefits/ Community Impact

By providing patients with affordable skin checks, they will have access to convenient, simplified examinations. As stated earlier, the early detection of skin cancer is essential to the continued well-being of individuals. By offering accessible and affordable skin examination services within the community, Pure Pharmacy is providing the public with advanced dermatology solutions for the growing rates of skin cancer.

Additionally, this store-and-forward teledermatology solution will streamline patient care while reducing wait times to see a dermatologist from approximately 8-12 months to less than a week. Similarly, telehealth’s flexible nature allows it to be accessible to users that normally would have challenges receiving consultations from a physician. By providing skin check services via eTriage, MetaOptima and Pure Pharmacy are empowering skin cancer specialists, dermatologists, and physicians to offer their services to a greater range of patients.


MetaOptima is proud to work alongside a pharmacy that is proactively offering advanced care to their customers. By working with Pure Integrative Pharmacy, we expect to provide a wide range of people with an essential service that has the potential to save lives. We look forward to commencing this project, as it adds to our vision of providing medical professionals with the technology to focus on their patients rather than the practice itself.

-The MetaOptima Team

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