Dr. Chris Miller shares how he connected and streamlined his patient care cycle


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Spot Check Skin Cancer Clinic, established in 2017 by Dr Chris Miller, is an independent and specialized skin cancer service focusing on detecting, treating and preventing skin cancers using evidence-based treatments, latest technologies and patient education.

"It’s a really nice integrated workflow right from the first time you lay eyes on the lesion, to the time it’s removed and processed to when the patient receives their result." -Dr. Chris Miller, Spot Check Clinic



  • Lacking clinic-pathology lab communications
  • Limited forms of patient engagement & follow up
  • Bulky, expensive hardware




New Workflow
Using DermEngine's integrative capabilities, Dr. Chris Miller was able to connect with his pathology lab while including images within his reports, simplifying his workflow to one system:


  1. Capture lesion
  2. Record procedure
  3. Submit pathology request
  4. Receive results within DermEngine
  5. Contact patient via the app
  6. Confirm patient has received & viewed report



Supported Clinical Decisions | pathologists can access images of the lesions to support their diagnosis

Saved Time |  integrated services result in simplified day-to-day procedures that allow Dr. Miller and his colleagues to focus on their patients- not the process

Increased Patient Engagement | doctors can confirm patients have received and opened their report for quality, connected care

What is DermEngine?Intelligent Dermatology Software

DermEngine is an intelligent dermatology software for the imaging, documentation and analysis of skin conditions including skin cancer. Powered by artificial intelligence, this smart dermatology system helps medical professionals manage their busy workflows with secure cross-platform access so they can focus on their patients - not the process.

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