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To provide a best-in-class experience, medical professionals need to be connected at every step of the patient's care journey.  However, studies show that patient care remains inefficient due to disconnected medical systems, high patient intake volumes, unnecessary in-clinic visits, and disjointed care coordination. 


DermEngine is your intelligent turnkey solution to offer teledermatology and in-clinic services from scheduling through the complete care coordination process so you and your staff can focus on your patients. Make teledermatology intelligent by leveraging DermEngine to help triage and coordinate care for new and existing patients to help ensure they receive the care they need in and out of the clinic.

DermEngine Zoom Teledermatology Consultation



Support Patients At Every Step Of Their Journey


Built with affordability and scalability in mind, DermEngine’s solution supports centers of excellence and their healthcare providers for a comprehensive patient-centric model focused on results.

DermEngine Dermatology Care Ecosystem Enterprise



  • Connects stakeholders along the continuum of care


  • Collects and shares valuable data from all levels


  • Provides clinical decision insights at each encounter



Intelligent Tools To Serve You


Expand your service coverage to millions of patients for a fraction of current costs, time and resources

DermEngine eTriage Workflow Intelligent Dermatology

  • Save time & costs
  • Expedite care access
  • Expand service coverage
  •  Optimize resource management


DermEngine Smart eTriage Dermatology Tool


Smart eTriage categorizes images submitted by primary care providers to dermatology and dermato-oncology centers of excellence for streamlined clinic decision-making processes






Clinic Analytics for Business Intelligence

With DermEngine’s Enterprise Dashboard, your business can easily manage multiple clinics and overview performance. Perfect your practice management by tailoring your strategies to individual clinic demands to create new insights and promote growth.

DermEngine Enterprise Clinic Analytics Dashboard

Doctor reviewing report on DermEngine


  • Develop reports that stand out
  • Uncover deeper insights
  • Prioritize workflow quality
  • Select relevant information


Teledermatology Branded To Your Needs


We provide an intuitive turnkey setup alongside customizable solutions for practices and patients alike; DermEngine can be branded to your business to increase the number of touch points with doctors. 

MetaDerm website

Private labeling solution includes integrated and branded:MoleScope II MetaDerrm Branding Dermatology

  • DermEngine web browser (color scheme & logo) for your doctors and admin
  • Mobile apps (iOS & Android) for end users
  • Patient appointment booking and registration pages
  • Home dermoscopy kit (complete with MoleScope device)


Appointment Booking & Registration Pages


Through your very own branded clinic web pages, patients can create their MoleScope account, document key health information, and book their appointment in one accessible, centralized location for a seamlessly branded experience with minimal staff involvement.


MetaDerm Patient Registration Page Link MoleScope

Patient Registration 

Have new and existing patients enter their MoleScope account details on your clinic’s unique landing page complete with your business logo, name and contact information






MetaDerm Patient Booking Page MoleScope

Appointment Booking

Have patients book their video consultation appointments in one convenient location complete with available times and providers offering their services


Digital Marketing Resources For You

Your business should stand out. This package is here to promote how your practice is using DermEngine to differentiate yourself from competitors and other providers. We offer a wide variety of digital resources designed to be visually appealing and informative for distribution to your patients.

MetaOptima Digital Marketing Resources


MetaOptima Marketing Resource Example



We also offer a variety of DermEngine and MoleScope booklets to help you extend your business and practice. Show your patients that you provide optimal care through offering state-of-the-art technology. To receive your digital booklets or brochures, contact us at





MoleScope II MetaDerm Logo


Home Dermoscopy Kit


MoleScope is a mobile dermoscope that attaches to popular smartphones and tablets to help patients capture medical-grade quality images of their skin directly onto the app for professional review. 

Sell devices via your online stores to provide your patients with a completely virtual and convenient experience.

Support Your Patients

Provide your patients with a turnkey solution that supports them at every step of the care continuum, all the way from onboarding and training to support!  

MoleScope Dermatology Training Resources


  • Video Guides
  • Imaging Tips
  • Printable Cheat Sheets
  • FAQs
  • More!


By offering an all-in-one onboarding solution, your staff can focus on patient care while saving valuable time and costs



Accessible Integration Services

Healthcare software is rapidly evolving; it’s essential that your systems are able to communicate with each other to allow for the transfer of key data throughout your practice.


Optimized Communications
Enhanced Business Intelligence
Optimized Communications
Gather meaningful information in a centralized solution
Enhanced Business Intelligence
Harness valuable data across your medical systems
Simplfied Workflows
Connected Collaboration
Simplified Workflows
Streamline patient documentation processes
Connected Collaboration
Access & share data with care systems & providers 


With the power of DermSync, DermEngine integrates with the world’s most popular EMR/PMS systems


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geniesolutions profile bio migration integration DermEngine MyPractice migration integration DermEngine
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Zedmed integration migration DermEngine  ema dermatology logomedtechlogo shexie



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