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Dermatology Made Intelligent. 

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, DermEngine is proud to offer smart dermatology tools designed to support you at every step of the care cycle, from imaging and documentation, all the way to analytics for efficient, accessible, quality services:


Smart Snap

After you capture your first image, Smart Snap will compare it to the patient’s existing images to recommend which spot it should be assigned to- just tap Assign. Rather than wasting time trying to find the correct spot, Smart Snap's Recommendation feature helps you locate it in a matter of seconds for serial digital monitoring.


Smart Snap GIF DermEngine



Image Registration & Color Correction

Automatically rotate dermoscopic images to the same orientation and match the coloring between the two images for a simplified comparison experience. 

Image Registration and Color Correction



Visual Search

When you submit a dermoscopic image, Visual Search provides you with similar images from a database of thousands of pathology-labeled images gathered from expert dermatologists around the world.  Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, doctors can reduce the time spent on a patient's case while providing evidence-based care.

DermEngine Visual Search Clinical Decision Support Tool




Lesion Mapping

Automatically map a patient’s lesions to their personal 3D Body Map.

  • Accessible, affordable and reliable imaging
  • Automatic lesion recognition
  • Intelligent spot mapping to 3D body map

DermEngine Total Body Photography Lesion Mapping GIF CroppedDermEngine Total Body Photography Lesion Mapping GIF Cropped



Lesion Matching

When comparing two sets of total body photography images taken at different time, Lesion Matching identifies any changes to the skin and prioritizes these differences by amount of change to better support your clinical decisions and assist in the detection of skin cancer at the earliest opportunity.

DermEngine Lesion Matching GIF



Digital Hair Removal Tool Dermoscopic Images AI DermEngine


Digital Hair Removal

Have hair digitally removed from a dermoscopic to allow for the easier inspection of a lesion. This is especially valuable for lesions covered by a large amount of hair, or require closer inspection.



Are you interested in learning more about how intelligent tools can be used to support your clinical decisions, expedite care, and streamline workflows? Request a demo with one of our experts today so we can help you determine how DermEngine will best serve your practice.

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