Dr. John Levy shares how data-driven insights are supporting the early detection of skin cancer 

 DermEngine Enterprise Clinic Analytics Dashboard


DermEngine have been implemented across Healius through Skin2 and its Medical Centres with the goal of streamlining imaging workflows and connecting the general practitioners with specialists in their network for expedited, multidisciplinary care coordination. The adoption of the platform's intelligent tools is expected to optimise patient care outcomes through its ability to enhance data-driven insights and provide tools for evidence-based clinical decisions.

"Introducing DermEngine into our Skin2 network has been an immensely positive step for both patient care and doctors. This technology enables us to better diagnose and manage skin cancer, collaborate with each other to obtain second opinions as well teach our colleagues through knowledge-sharing. DermEngine significantly helps to optimise what we offer our Skin2 patients." -Dr. Jonny Levy, Medical Director - Skin2



What is DermEngine?DermEngine Intelligent Dermatology Software

DermEngine is an intelligent dermatology software for the imaging, documentation and analysis of skin conditions including skin cancer. Powered by artificial intelligence, this smart dermatology system helps medical professionals manage their busy workflows with secure cross-platform access so they can focus on their patients - not the process.



Interested in learning more about how Healius is utilizing DermEngine's intelligent dermatology tools to provide streamlined, evidence care to its patients? Read the full article here.

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