Part 1 | Dr. Gabriel Roux introduces the challenges his multi-clinic practice previously faced





"We can put that collateral measure next to the patient to help them make an informed decision certainly acts towards alleviating my medical-legal risks." -Dr. Gabriel Roux, Sunwise Clinics


Run by Dr. Gabriel Roux with the support of a nurse, Sunwise Clinics travels to roughly eight different clinics across Australia where they provide their dermatological services to general practices. In this four-part series, Dr. Roux sits down with us to discuss the:

  1. Challenges his practice faced that previous dermatology systems couldn't fix
  2. New workflows implemented at Sunwise Clinics with DermEngine
  3. Patient feedback in terms of engagement and education
  4. AI-based tools to support his clinical decisions


Previous Challenges


Poor Imaging Quality
Old Dermatology System Icon
Bad Dermatology System Workflows Icon
Poor definition of imaged lesions Clunky, expensive machinery Bad workflow fit with software



In the next segment, Dr. Roux shows us how these challenges have been solved using DermEngine's cloud-based workflows and how these have positively impacted his practice and patients.

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