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DermEngine syncs automatically when connected to WiFi, allowing for easy backups and communication across all platforms. Your data is securely stored in the cloud.


Access the DermEngine web platform from any device including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. DermEngine provides image archiving, management, and analysis tools for your dermatology practice.

Apple TV

The Apple TV app syncs with the MoleScope app and displays large images of lesions for side-by-side analysis and for a clear, modern presentation.


DermEngine connects seamlessly with the MoleScope app for mobile dermoscopy.

Why DermEngine?

DermEngine is designed to simplify. Our hassle-free platform is easy to use and allows you to focus on your patients - not the process.



The system’s powerful features run award-winning algorithms designed for dermatology. Take your practice to the next level with the platform’s cutting-edge technology.



DermEngine is easy to use, and has no complicated setup or maintenance. Simply log in to access the intuitive analytics features, and communicate with your network online.



The cross-platform system is available anytime, anywhere. DermEngine syncs seamlessly across iOS, Android, the web, Mac and Apple TV. Keep your practice at your fingertips even when you are on the go.



DermEngine’s leading image analytics features come at an unbeatable price, fit for any size clinic or budget. Flexible pricing plans and customizable bundles will save your practice both time and money.

DermEngine works seamlessly wherever you are.



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Advanced Dermoscopy

DermEngine provides advanced features for smart dermoscopy.

  • Seamless integration with the MoleScope device for mobile dermoscopy
  • Compatible with all leading dermoscopes in the market
  • Specialized tools for short-term dermoscopy and lesion monitoring
  • Advanced algorithms for image analytics

Advanced dermoscopy has never been easier!

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Full-Body Imaging (FBI)

Smart, template-guided image capturing procedure that includes standardized poses. Images can be uploaded and stored securely in the cloud from the DermEngine mobile app , the web platform, as well as from your existing databases. Flicker and Difference modes can help find new or changing lesions easily. (Read more, and see why our customers love the FBI system.)

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Full Body Imaging

Secure and Efficient

Concerned about patient privacy and data security? The DermEngine platform is built with the highest privacy and security standards. It is HIPAA-compliant with multi-region data centers.

  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Multiple data centers
  • Secure & frequent backups (physical backups also available)
Secure and Efficient

DermEngine is now available on Apple TV

Apple TV


DermEngine harnesses the capabilities of cloud computing by providing:

  • A customizable online Referral Network of healthcare providers to facilitate second opinions and communication
  • Tools for identification and management of skin conditions, leading to faster, more reliable, and more profitable integrated medical care
  • Remote medical consultations, reducing the number of unnecessary in-person appointments
Teledermatology workflow

Enterprise Management Dashboard

The Management Dashboard provides a centralized hub for overseeing multiple clinics and projects, and offers business intelligence features designed for practice management. Clinical workflow is improved through the identification and management of cases requiring immediate attention. Real-time data visualization for diagnosis rates, patient trends, and case distribution is available at your fingertips.

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Management Dashboard

Smart Features

The DermEngine imaging and analytics system is the most advanced web-based solution for capturing and analyzing images of the skin, hair, and nails. The smart, easy-to-use features provide an affordable and effective solution for digital dermatology. Features like the Evolution Tracker allow users to compare images of a lesion taken over time to detect changes or monitor the healing process.

  • Advanced Visual Image Search (Coming soon!)
  • Automated Mole-Matching and Mapping Algorithms (Full body imaging)
  • Evolution Tracker (dermoscopy)
  • Hair Detection, Measurements, and Removal
  • Smart Image Quality Control

Free Patient Portal

With the MoleScope Basic Edition, patients can perform routine imaging from home and are actively involved in their care plan. MoleScope will remind your patients when it is time for their regular skin exams.

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Free patient Portal

Worried about your current patient data?

We offer free migration services to ease the transition.

Free Migration

Simplified, assisted data migration to DermEngine platform from your existing imaging system. A one-time, hassle-free transition, provided free of charge for eligible customers. Contact us here to get started.

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Worried about your existing software?

We offer simplified integration services to ease the transition.


Seamless integration with existing EMR/EHR services to improve clinic workflow. Use DermEngine’s powerful imaging and analytics features without replacing your entire system. Contact us here to get started.

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Secure & Private Secure & Private
Free Migration Free Migration
Integration Integration
Tele-dermatology Tele-dermatology
Referral Network Referral Network
Clinic Management Clinic Management
Seamless Integration with MoleScope Seamless Integration with MoleScope
Mole Match Mole Match
Mole Map Mole Map
Template Guided Imaging Template Guided Imaging
Advanced Search Advanced Search
3D Body Map 3D Body Map
ABCD of Skin Cancer ABCD of Skin Cancer
Evolution Tracking Evolution Tracking
Smart Quality Control Smart Quality Control
Quick Snap Quick Snap
Apple TV App Apple TV App
Mac App Mac App
Physical Backup Physical Backup
Patient Sharing Patient Sharing
Email Images Email Images
Image Import/Export Image Import/Export
Report Creation Report Creation
Customized Consent Form Customized Consent Form
Hair Removal Hair Removal
Image Search Image Search
Video Dermoscopy Video Dermoscopy
Free Trial Free Trial

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