Rising Need For Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare

Research shows that global artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare sector is expected to reach $7,988.8 million by 20221. This drastic increase will help provide advanced solutions for areas such as early detection, personalized treatment, and predictive analytics.


What Visual Search Can Do For You

Visual Search is an educational tool designed to show similar dermoscopic images to your image. The primary objective of this innovative tool is to assist medical professionals with better informed clinical decisions.

Visual Search

How Visual Search Works

When you submit a dermoscopic image, Visual Search provides you with similar images from a database of thousands of images with confirmed labels gathered from expert dermatologists around the world. This tool uses deep learning techniques to search for similar images solely based on visual features such as color, shape and pattern. Visual Search offers:

  • Guided feedback
  • Content-based image retrieval (CBIR)
  • Thousands of labeled dermoscopic images


Meets All Of Your Needs

Designed to benefit your practice every step of the way, Visual Search is:

  • Educational: Fantastic resource for students, researchers and physicians
  • Scalable: Useful for single doctors or entire health systems
  • Accessible: No additional installation lets you get started immediately
  • Secure: Your data remains private and safe throughout the process
  • Helpful: “identifying similar images in large archives that could provide valuable information”3
  • Intelligent: “Learns from data (machine learning) without new step-by-step instructions”4