DermEngine’s Clinic Analytics makes it easy to visualize and analyze data across multiple clinics and projects for practice management, performance evaluation, and audit purposes. The project management tools provide real-time data and help improve clinical workflow by identifying and managing cases that require immediate attention.

Designed to facilitate the management of multi-center clinics, the customizable and adaptable Clinic Analytics integrates with your existing business management software. With easy report creation, performance tracking, and simplified data visualization, this feature serves as a centralized, high-level hub for all your clinic administration and management needs.

  • Manage and oversee multiple clinics in centralized dashboard

    The Clinic Analytics provides a hub for coordinating clinics across regions. Clinic activity and statistics can be monitored in real-time.

  • Invite/Add managers, doctors, nurses, staff to clinics

    Managers can create online clinics and invite colleagues to join different clinic groups

  • Control data sharing settings across clinics

    Customizable user settings allow for simplified case-sharing and adaptable privacy settings

  • Subscribe to different DermEngine plans according to clinic needs

    Payment plans can be customized based on size, activity, and regional differences

  • Build your personalized dashboard in minutes

    No complicated installation and no maintenance costs