Genie migration integration DermEngine

DermEngine Integration for Genie


This page explains how to set-up the DermSync software to sync patient demography from the Genie software to DermEngine.

While using this software, patients opened on Genie will be transferred to the DermEngine platform. On DermEngine, images and lesions can be added to each patient.


  • A Windows or Mac machine with Genie installed
  • The user needs to have permission to install DermSync


Installation Steps:

  1. On the server* computer, download the integration software (DermSync)
For Windows

For Mac 64 bit (x64)

       *Not recommended for terminal servers

For Windows
Learn about the differences by clicking here

  1. If you are using a Windows Machine, install DermSync on your machine (Default Folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\DermSync\).
    Users need to have write permissions on this folder.
    Note: We recommend installing DermSync for all users.

  2. Create a folder that will be used for patient transfer files, and allow write access for any accounts using Genie.

  3. In Genie, set up a connection to export patient data in HL7 format. From the menu bar at the top, select "File", then select "Connections".
    Set Type to "File Transfer" and Format to "HL7" and set "Enable Export when ... clinical record opened" to checked.
    Set Machine to the name of the client machine. For each client machine, a new connection needs to be set up.
    Set a different filename (Current_Patient.hl7) for each connection.
    The Export Directory will need to be entered in the DermSync application in a later step.
    This file will be updated every time the patient's clinical record is opened.


  4. In Genie, open a patient's clinical record. Confirm that the Current_Patient.hl7 file is created in the specified folder.


  5. Double click to run the DermSync application or right click and select "Open".

  6. Enter your DermEngine credentials including your email and either your password or access key.
    If you don't already have an account, visit or download the mobile app.
    To learn how to create an account click here


    access key can be retrieved on DermEngine under the Account menu
  7. Select "Genie" from the drop down list


  8. In the DermSync application, open the folder you set up earlier. The Current_Patient.hl7 file is created when a patient is opened on Genie and deleted when the patient is closed. If there is no patient currently open, the name of the folder can still be entered.


  9. Once you have successfully logged in, any patients opened on Genie will be available within your Patient List on the DermEngine web platform and mobile app.
  10. To change the export location on DermSync at a later time, select the taskbar, select "Settings", then select "Setup export directory".
    setup-folder-win setup-folder-mac



Transfer Patients:

The Current_Patient.hl7 file is created when a patient is opened on Genie and deleted when the patient is closed

To filter by appointment:

  1. Create a new Appointment Type, e.g. "DermEngine Export"
  2. Change the Connection to Export when appt type is “DermEngine Export”


  3. When you see the patient and want to create their file for export, highlight the appointment and select Type > “DermEngine Export”. The file will be created instantly and then you can change it back to the original appointment type.


  4. Please note that this does function slightly differently when creating the HL7 files in the folder. Rather than using the naming convention specified in the box next to enable export, e.g. Current_Patient.hl7, it uses the date the record was created and the patient ID, e.g. 20191010153833_180.hl7. This will meant that each record is created uniquely and the contents of that folder will not automatically be overwritten.


Import Timeline Reports

(Requires DermSync v2.20 or higher)


  1. On Genie, set up the path for Lab Results Download, for example: "C:\Genie\LabRslts"
  2. On DermSync, click on the taskbar icon, then select "DermEngine report import directory". Select the same path in DermSync.



  1. On DermEngine web, create a Timeline Report. Press the button to Print Report and Export.


  2. DermSync will save the report to the selected folder.
  3. On Genie, the report will be available under "Pathology and Radiology"

Updating DermSync:

  1. When a new version of DermSync is available, the message below will pop up.
    By simply clicking "Update", DermSync will download the most recent version and restart.

  2. If you are using DermSync v1.x, please make sure to first close the app by right clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner and selecting "Close". 




Due to the fact that the machine needs to be selected from the drop-down for each computer, each connection should be set up individually on Genie.  This can be done from one machine (the server).
There is no limit on using DermEngine accounts simultaneously.
Yes, you can set it up while Genie server is running. When it's set up a copy of the patient data is exported from Genie, so there should not be any effects on the database.
On DermEngine each doctor/provider needs to have their own account. For DermSync, any account can be used. On DermEngine, all patients are shared within the clinic, so they can all use one DermEngine account. However, it is important to note that this doctor will be listed as the patient's doctor. As a result, if the doctor wants the patients under their own account each DermSync needs to have the corresponding doctor's DermEngine account.
The list of fields transferred is: First name, Last name, Date Of birth, Gender, Health number, Address, Province, City, Postal code, Phone number, Email