MyPractice migration integration DermEngine

DermEngine Integration for myPractice


This page explains how to set-up the DermSync software to sync patient demography from the myPractice software to DermEngine.

While using this software, patients exported on myPractice will be transferred to the DermEngine platform. On DermEngine, images and lesions can be added to each patient.


  • A Windows or Mac machine with myPractice installed
  • The user needs to have permission to install DermSync



  1. Download the integration software (DermSync).
For Windows
For Mac 64 bit (x64)
  1. Create a folder that will be used for patient transfer files.
  2. Double click to run the DermSync application or right click and select "Open".
  3. Select "myPractice" from the drop down list


  4. In the DermSync application, open the folder set in Step 2. The same folder must be used for all future patient exports.


  5. Enter your email and either your password or access key on DermEngine. If you don't already have an account, visit or download the mobile app. To learn how to create an account click here


  6. Once you have successfully logged in, any patients exported on myPractice will be available on your Patient List on DermEngine and the mobile apps.



  1. In myPractice, under the "Tools Menu", select "Downloads", then "Extract Patient Details as HL7".

  2. Search for the patient on the patient list and press OK.

  3. Save this file to the folder set before. You should see a confirmation message.
  4. For future patients you can continue to save over the same file.



  1. When a new version of DermSync is available, the message below will pop up.
    By simply clicking "Update", DermSync will download the most recent version and restart.

  2. If you are using DermSync v1.x, please make sure to first close the app by right clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner and selecting "Close".