MoleScope II
Lady with mole

MoleScope is a mobile dermatoscope that captures a high-resolution, detailed view of the skin through magnification and specialized lighting. The images are accessible anywhere at anytime through the secure platform for analysis and diagnosis.

MoleScope II

The new MoleScope™ II captures a superior image quality for medical professionals. Changeable contact and non-contact imaging caps and the rechargeable battery offer a new level of quality and convenience that matches dermatoscopes used by professionals.

Contact Cap
LED Control
Measuring Tool
MoleScope One
Coin battery
Disposable contact pieces
$99 USD
MoleScope II
MoleScope two
Rechargeable lithium battery
Contact & non-contact caps
4-min auto shut-off
Scale on the contact plate
$299 USD

 Can I upgrade my phone and still use my MoleScope?

    Click here to see if your device is compatible.

Advanced Dermoscopy

Web Platform Direct syncing between the app and web platform

DermEngine’s analytical tools allow you to examine and compare images in-depth on your tablet and desktop web browsers. Advanced imaging and analytic tools provide state of the art features for dermatology.

Mobile App Smart dermoscopy made simple

Designed to work seamlessly with the MoleScope dermoscopy attachment, the DermEngine app provides precise and efficient documentation for your busy clinical workflow. The comprehensive mobile medical imaging solution syncs with the DermEngine web platform for image archiving and patient management.

patient referral

Customize your own network

Build and customize your own referral network on the DermEngine platform. DermEngine can securely connect you with your hospitals, clinics, family physicians, dermatologists and pathology centres.

Empower Your Patients

With the MoleScope Basic Edition, patients can perform routine imaging from home and are actively involved in their care plan. MoleScope will remind your patients when it is time for their regular skin exams. Patients can purchase their own MoleScope at

Photos taken with MoleScope

mole image
mole image
mole image
mole image
mole image
mole image
mole image
mole image


fingerprint image
Secure and private
ISO image
Quality assurance
No Installation image
No installation process
interface image
Intuitive interface
Tech support
Tech support
network of doctors
Access to network of specialists for referrals
Create your own network of specialists, GPs and patients
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Easy integration with reimbursement plans