Patient Opt-out Form


MetaOptima is committed to improving healthcare outcomes and saving lives; it is this mission that drives the creation and continuous improvement of our technologies. As part of this initiative, our machine learning algorithms are developed with the goal of helping healthcare professionals provide enhanced care for you and patients around the world.

In order for DermEngine’s algorithms to become “smarter” over time to fulfill this mission of improved care, they must be continuously trained. To support this intrinsic need, when a doctor uses one of our artificial intelligence-powered tools (such as Visual Search or Lesion Matching) the system has the opportunity to “learn” and become better for you and your doctor. Any images and data used for these algorithms have been de-identified, which means that all identifiable information such as name, date of birth, health ID number, email have been removed.

Transparency is our core value. If you do not wish to have our smart features being trained by your  de-identified information, you have the opportunity to opt out at any time by completing this form.

In doing so, your doctors will have access to your medical data, however intelligent features of DermEngine will not be trained on patient’s de-identified data and can be disabled soon, and use of the system will be restricted to imaging, documentation, and communication only. It is important to note that you are able to withdraw your consent at any point of the care process, however, the exclusion of your data from the algorithms will only be eligible for information that is entered after the opt out request has been completed.