Attending the Australasian Skin Cancer Congress and GPCE Sydney this May!

by The DermEngine Team on Apr 26, 2024

Conference season is underway in Australia and the MetaOptima team is getting ready to showcase our latest innovations and connect with the industry!

Australasian Skin Cancer Congress 

First up is the Australasian Skin Cancer Congress on the Gold Coast from May 3-5th. This event is for medical professionals to deepen their understanding of skin cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. It is the largest non-profit for primary care skin cancer practitioners in New Zealand and Australia. The congress features presentations from experts in the field, practical workshops, and networking opportunities. Attendees can gain knowledge on the latest innovative therapies, research findings, and evolving best practices in skin cancer management. 

We look forward to showcasing our skin cancer analytics platform, DermEngine, and our smart tools powered by AI that are designed for skin cancer specialty workflows. For example, DermEngine's optimized imaging which provides more reliable, detailed visual data to support your clinical decisions. 

DermEngine Lesion Matching GIF-2

  • Machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence identify skin lesions and abnormalities faster with evidence-based analytical support
  • Guaranteed standardized imaging with consistent lighting and angles for improved longitudinal tracking and follow-up 
  • Enhanced image clarity with MoleScope designed for scalability, affordability, and ease-of-use

GPCE Sydney

Next up from May 24-26th, we welcome the first GPCE of the year! The General Practice Conference & Exhibition is a premier event for healthcare professionals, especially those in general practice. It is a platform for medical practitioners to update their knowledge, learn about innovations in patient care, and engage with industry-leading suppliers. The GPCE offers a variety of accredited educational sessions, workshops, and live demonstrations to enhance the skills and practices of general practitioners. Every year, we look forward to showing GPs how they can improve their workflow with DermEngine's suite of intelligent and intuitive tools. 

At MetaOptima, our mission is to empower providers to serve their patients better by equipping them with the latest technology and tools to do so. We are proud to collaborate with many healthcare professionals and centers of excellence to develop the comprehensive solution that is serving thousands of centers and millions of patients everyday! See how our tools are helping those primary care providers on the front line:

  • Efficient Lesion Tracking: track changes in skin conditions over time with DermEngine for the early detection and prevention of skin cancers like melanoma
  • Access to Specialist Opinions: use teledermatology for doctors and GPs to consult experts in another area for support; particularly useful in remote communities.
  • Streamlined Documentation: reduce unnecessary or repetitive steps in documentation with smart automation and an intuitive workflow.


These tools help ensure dermatology and skin check services remain accessible, affordable, at the highest quality possible. If you are attending either events this year, we encourage you to email us and connect! To book a time with the team, please email us at 

-The MetaOptima Team

Want to book a demo to explore the platform with one of our experts? Find a time that works for you here! We look forward to showing you the difference with DermEngine. 

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