Join our Fundraising | Virtual 5k 'Strides for Melanoma' with Melanoma Canada!

by The DermEngine Team on May 17, 2024

Melanoma Canada is hosting its 15th annual Strides for Melanoma walk in 13 cities across Canada this May 26th! We are proud to join Melanoma Canada in their fundraising to help increase the awareness and public education of this deadly disease.

The Reality of Skin Cancer in Canada

Did you know skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in Canada? Each year, thousands of Canadians are diagnosed with a form of skin cancer, such as melanoma. Thankfully, many cases are preventable and treatable when detected early. It is one of the few cancers that does not discriminate and can affect anyone regardless of age, sex, or race. Since many suspicious moles are first noticed by a close loved one or family member, a skin check service or self-management device has become an essential need for many individuals. 

Canadian Cancer Society Skin Cancer Facts

Melanoma Canada Hosts a Virtual 5k Walk/Run to Raise Awareness  

Strides for Melanoma is the largest organized walk in Canada dedicated to raising awareness and funds to further develop research, patient support, and education programs for skin cancer and melanoma. This virtual walk or run invites participants Canada-wide during peak UV hours, typically 3pm to 5pm local time, to help raise awareness. Your participation and donation makes a significant difference by offering hope and support to those affected by this challenging disease. This year, we've  donated to Melanoma Canada who's been at the forefront fighting for improved care for over 15 years! Please visit our fundraising page here and consider making a donation or sharing the post with your network. Your support helps fund future endeavours that will continue making skin cancer education and support services available to all.

Exciting Endeavour: Mole Mobile- Canada's First Mobile Skin Cancer Screening Unit

An exciting project from Melanoma Canada is the Mole Mobile, which is Canada's first travelling skin cancer screening unit made available for free to the public. It will run for at least five summers, with stops in British Columbia this summer 2024. During this time, it will offer melanoma assessments and skin cancer screenings to major cities across Canada, helping normalize and increase the awareness for skin health and skin check services. 

Mole Mobile by Melanoma Canada for skin cancer screening

We are grateful for any support you can show our partners. Join us for a virtual walk anywhere you are on Sunday, May 26th from 3pm to 5pm! Donate directly to Melanoma Canada to support their projects or share this post with your network to let them know about the skin cancer screenings and helpful resources for skin health and sun safety. 

-The MetaOptima Team

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