New Clinic Analytics and Dashboard

by The DermEngine Team on Jul 13, 2017

We’re excited to announce the new changes to DermEngine’s Clinic Analytics and Clinics Dashboard. The new layout has been created to be a user-friendly and intuitive way for you to view your analytics in one convenient location. With the new design, you’ll be able to clearly view all relevant data and manage your practice with ease.

Clinic Analytics
You’ll notice quite a few changes to DermEngine's layout: across the top of your page will be your number of Doctors, Patients, Diagnoses and Plan Usage. Below that, there are new graphs which display the clinic’s number of patients, images and diagnoses. Each of these graphs can be customized to show information from the past 7, 14, 28, or 90 days or monthly depending on your preference. Below, there are pie charts to show data about the types of actions performed and top diagnoses.

Used Clinic analytics copy.png

All of this information can be changed further to show data about the entire clinic, compare all or certain doctors, or only one particular doctor. This is useful for comparing statistics between doctors to view average diagnoses, number of patients, etc. or  viewing a particular doctor’s professional history. Additionally, within this feature you can set the graph to show cumulative data for a location, all providers or a single doctor. When this is used, information on the graphs will be added cumulatively for each progressing data point.  To learn how to add this add-on to your account, click here

clinic analytics doctors .png

Enterprise Dashboard
In the Clinics Dashboard (for Enterprise accounts), there are also some exciting changes. Across the top information bar, the number of Clinics has been added for your convenience. Below, the bar graphs have changed to a line graph with the option of showing Image, Patient, Diagnoses, or Doctor statistics over time or as a cumulative result.

company clinic analytics.png

Below, your Clinics Bar has received a makeover to become more user-friendly with some new features. Now, each location also includes its plan type as well as its current add-ons, which will be lit up if they are subscribed to. If you click on them you will be directed to the subscription add-on page. Clicking on a particular location will direct you to their specific analytics page. To learn how to add a Clinic, click here.

clinics menu bar.png


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