Limited Access Clinic Members and Archiving Doctors

by The DermEngine Team on Jun 19, 2017

We are introducing two new features to DermEngine: Archiving clinic members and Limited Access Members for clinics/ group practices. Both of these improvements are designed to provide medical professionals with more options and control over who can view patient data and be part of clinic activities.

Archiving a Clinic Member
If you decide that you no longer want a colleague to be a part of your clinic, you are now able to archive him/her. This user will not be able to see any of his/her patients, data, or any info within the clinic. However, the clinic manager will still be able to see that doctor’s patient history and data. This is useful for scenarios where you do not want a doctor to remain in a clinic, but would like to maintain access to the his/her patients’ files. The archived doctor will be placed under a free account of DermEngine, but will lose access to team or group patients.  *Please note: once you archive or remove a member, this cannot be undone.To learn how to archive a clinic member, visit here


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This is different from removing a user because when you remove a member from your clinic, they will be placed on a free account. They will keep access to any patients they created, but lose access to clinic or group patients. Additionally, this change is not permanent; if you wish to include that user in your clinic again, simply re-invite them.To learn how to remove a user, visit here.

Limited Access Member

You now have the option to provide an individual with limited access to your clinic. This person will not have access to patient data. However, if a clinic manager provides permission, the person will have access to appointment calendars or clinic management. This is a useful feature for providing an individual with access to organizational components of your clinic without having the need to provide access to confidential patient data.To learn how to limit user access, visit here.

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