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by The DermEngine Team on Aug 28, 2019

You asked, we listened. Consent Forms are arriving to DermEngine August 31st! Highly anticipated, this new feature lets you upload your practice’s consent forms, obtain signatures, and manage their consent for optimized organization.

Adding Consent Forms
When adding a patient to DermEngine you now have the ability to obtain their digital signature for any consent forms your practice may have, which can include different options for the patient to opt in or out of (including but not limited to storage of data, research, and publication). Rather than documenting these forms physically or on a separate system, DermEngine simplifies the process to have every document and step remain centralized and accessible at your fingertips.

Adding and selecting consent forms

Adding Questionnaires
When adding a patient consent form you have the option of including a questionnaire for your patients to answer. Accessible through the Consent Forms Dashboard, the intuitive form builder lets you create completely customizable questionnaires based on your practice’s needs. Like the Procedures Form Builder, your form is split into three main categories:  Name, Sections, and Questions. 

DermEngine Patient Consent Forms Dashboard

In addition to creating sections and sub-questions, you have the ability to select the question types from a long list of options, such as multiple choice and check boxes- giving you complete freedom to develop your questionnaires to fit your needs. Once completed, it will be visible on the Consent Form dashboard and can be edited or deleted at any time. 

DermEngine Patient Consent Form Builder
Obtaining Patient Signatures
Perhaps the most important part of the entire process, DermEngine lets you obtain the digital signature of your patients during their visit to consent to any needs your practice may have in order to provide quality services. There are two opportunities for you to obtain your patients’ consent: 

1.During Profile Creation

After submitting the basic registration form, you will be prompted to complete any custom patient forms you may have included. After which, DermEngine will list your data privacy consent forms, where you will be prompted to select which one you would like your patient to complete.

DermEngine App Digital Signature

Simply walk through the form with your patient and answer any questions they may have. When ready, your patient can provide their digital signature directly on your practice’s smartphone or tablet (make sure it’s logged into your DermEngine account and on the same WiFi), which will be automatically transferred to the DermEngine web platform for a streamlined documentation process without the waits. 

Confirm Patient Signature on DermEngine Web Platform2.After Profile Creation
When accessing your patient’s basic information, you can click the See Patient’s Consent button. From here, you can choose to Obtain consent, then select which form(s) you would like the patient to sign and follow the same steps as listed above.

See Patient Consents

Monitoring and Updating
After you have created a consent form you have the ability to delete or edit it at any point in time. Simply access the patient’s information profile and select the Patient Consent tab, then select the form you wish to delete containing the patient’s consent by clicking the icon. From here, you can receive their signature for any new or updated consent forms accordingly. Every time a consent form is edited or deleted for a patient, the listing will become grayed out but remain visible to help your practice efficiently track and manage patient consent over time.  

Edit or Delete Patient Consent forms

Do you still have questions about the Consent Forms Dashboard?Watch our video, or email us at and one of our experts will reply within 24 hours to support your learning experience!

patient consent forms thumbnail

-The DermEngine Team

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