Sharing Cases With Non-DermEngine Users & The Audit Reports Dashboard

by The DermEngine Team on Aug 4, 2018

In the past few months you may have noticed a lot of new and exciting changes to DermEngine- with each and every one of them designed with your needs in mind. Based on your continued feedback, we are pleased to announce the release of two new additions to DermEngine: the ability to share patient cases with non-DermEngine users, and the Audit Reports Dashboard.

Sharing Patient Cases With Non-DermEngine Users
Rather than emailing or texting patient data to your colleagues, you have the opportunity to quickly and efficiently share vital data with colleagues who are not on DermEngine. Most importantly, this secure and private feature ensures data is transferred without any of the drawbacks associated with traditional methods.

3. Share Patient

In this scenario, they will be able to access the patient's file in a view-only manner without having a DermEngine account. This allows you to stay connected with your colleagues and share reports in a simplified and secure way.

  • Advanced Security: Our top priority is the privacy and security of your patient’s data. This feature comes with a six-digit pin code designed to ensure that only your desired colleague can access the shared patient file for the utmost privacy.
  • Simplified Sharing: Send important cases to your colleagues for their review without any of the hassle. Entirely digital, this feature ensures your case sharing is a simplified, seamless experience.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Remain connected to all of your valuable professional relationships without being limited to within your DermEngine network. Securely share patient cases to receive insightful feedback without limits. 

6. pincode share

To learn how to share a patient case with a non-DermEngine user, click here.

Audit Reports
Another exciting feature that was recently added to DermEngine is the Audit Reports Dashboard. Found under the pathology tab in the top menu bar, Audit Reports allows you to compare your own practice to that of your colleagues in the clinic or in general for each diagnosis.

Additionally, this feature equips you with the ability to review your performance breakdown for diagnostic accuracy based on the clinical diagnosis along with the accuracy of your managed malignant cases where surgical margins were adequate.

CermEngine Audit Report Chart 2
DermEngine Audit Report Chart 1

To learn more about navigating the Audit Reports Dashboard click here.

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