Goodbye Dr. MoleScope, Hello DermEngine!

by The DermEngine Team on Aug 10, 2016

Look out for the new DermEngine logo next time you update your Dr.MoleScope app!

August brings exciting change at MetaOptima. Our Dr.MoleScope App is getting re-branded to a shiny new DermEngine App.

Dr. Mole to DermEngine .jpg

Why, you ask?

Originally, the MoleScope brand and product started out as a simple tool to help patients and doctors take remote skin images. The Dr.MoleScope name came from a need to distinguish the app for medical professionals from the app for patients (simply, MoleScope). Since then, the physician’s platform has expanded to support a range of applications for a variety of dermatology needs, like acne, psoriasis, cosmetic dermatology, and much more. We now call this platform DermEngine, our skin analytics software for medical professionals.


Until now, skin care professionals have been using the Dr.MoleScope smartphone app in conjunction with the DermEngine web platform. To reflect the fact that the app and system are built for much more than just pigmented skin lesions (moles), we are retiring the old Dr.MoleScope name, and calling both the app and web platform “DermEngine”. Plus, we think this will make things less confusing for everyone.

To all our dedicated Dr.MoleScope App users - don’t fret! Next time you are prompted to update your Dr.MoleScope App, it will be rebranded to the “DermEngine” App. Your account, images, and patient information will still be there for you, just like after any update. You will continue to be able to use the same username and password on both the web platform and the (updated) DermEngine App. Everything aside from the name and logo will stay the same.


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