DermEngine Academy: Become DermEngine Certified

by The DermEngine Team on Nov 27, 2019

You’ve made the decision to upgrade to a new dermatology software. What happens next? Training, go-live dates, and achieving key milestones all matter, so how will your software provider ensure your practice reaches its full potential?

Here at DermEngine, we’re all about making things easier for you. That’s why we’ve created our Academy to offer in-depth training for medical professionals who want to learn how to maximize their time and provide better patient care; think of it as your go-to library for everything DermEngine!

DermEngine Academy Chapter 1 Lesson
Designed to help users take full advantage of your account, our learning center offers a variety of chapters designed to fit the unique needs of your staff. The best part? It’s 100% free, allowing you to discover all the different ways the platform can best support you, from information management, image analytics, and dermoscopy, all the way to secure documentation!Enroll In DermEngine Academy Intelligent Dermatology Software

Self-Paced Learning
Take lessons at your own rate. You can always pick up where you left off in your last session. Whether it’s your first time using DermEngine, or you’re a returning expect, explore the curriculum to find the chapter that fits your needs!

Always There For You
Jump to any lesson or revisit information that's important for your practice. Accessible, free, and broken down into bite-sized videos, the Academy always has exactly what you need when you’re on the go and need a quick refresher.

Test Your Knowledge
It’s one thing to be instructed how to do something- doing it for yourself is quite another. Take quizzes for an interactive experience to help ensure that what you’re learning is actually sticking and become DermEngine Certified!


When adopting a new software, it’s essential that your team is confident in using the system so they can experience its full value. It’s time to choose a software that’s as dedicated to accelerating your practice’s success as you are!

-The DermEngine Team
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