Dermoscopy Imaging? There's An App For That

by The DermEngine Team on Sep 21, 2018

In the past decade, the rise of smartphones and their myriad apps has significantly influenced various industries. While many apps cater to gaming, news, and lifestyle, a notable shift has occurred in technology integrating into healthcare practices. This trend has brought about innovative solutions in dermatology, particularly through dermoscopy apps. These apps not only enhance diagnostic accuracy but also streamline workflows for dermatologists. Here are the top three reasons why a dermoscopy app can revolutionize dermatology practices.

As the world of dermatology continues to evolve, intelligent dermatology software and applications have been developed to suit the changing needs of a dermatologist within their unique practice. For example, DermEngine is a dermatology software with a mobile app that allows medical professionals to upload or capture images, add patients, lesions, and sync images directly with the platform. Let's explore three other benefits of a mobile dermatology app:

1.Compatible with portable medical devices
In a world of connectivity and accessible solutions, dermoscopy imaging apps are now available on our smartphones and can connect to portable medical devices.
As a result, dermatologists are no longer limited by their dermoscope. Instead, they can take dermoscopic images directly on the phone within the app for review. This eliminates the need for pesky cords, upload times, and the risk of lost or missing files, which is often the case for large, on-premise imaging units. MoleScope II is a mobile dermoscope that attaches to popular iPhone/Android models to provide medical experts with professional-grade imaging quality.

DermEngine App Cross-platform compatibility for dermatologists
2. Connectivity with cross-platform accessibility 
Building on point 1, dermatology apps cater to the modern dermatologist on the go, with many practicing in multiple clinics/locations or at odd hours of the day to remain accessible to a wider demographic of patients. With the DermEngine app, the software follows wherever the medical professional needs to go.

This eliminates the need to carry around laptops with limited battery supplies, or the risk of damaging expensive equipment in the transit process. Above all else, it saves valuable time that could be spent with patients rather than setting up a practice.

Cloud-based DermEngine intelligent dermatology software cross-interactive platform
3. Integrated solution with dermatology EMR software
Perhaps one of the most important qualities of a dermatology app is that it connects with more comprehensive software. Realistically, medical app is excellent for supporting workflows and patient care, however it is not a replacement for a dermatology EMR software. Therefore, in order to be a viable solution any app must seamlessly connect with a comprehensive web platform, or offer an integrated solution with another practice management software.

This allows the medical professional to take advantage of all the benefits associated with a dermatology app while streamlining the process of adding all information to the main practice management software. For example, with the DermEngine app, all images taken are immediately synced with the web platform for maximum convenience.

As the needs of dermatologists continue to grow, so does the available software and gadgets. Only three benefits of utilizing an intelligent dermatology app within practice workflows include increased portability, connectivity, and integration for an advanced solution. With the projected growth of the dermoscopy industry and need for technological innovations, dermatology apps prove to be a reliable solution to support medical professionals in providing streamlined, comprehensive care.

-The MetaOptima Team
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