The Benefits of a Cloud-Based EMR Solution for Doctors

by The DermEngine Team on Aug 21, 2018

Cloud-based electronic medical records (EMR) solutions are the gold standard in medical practices when it comes to managing processes and storing patient data. It entails keeping patients' medical data and records on external servers which can be accessed anywhere and on any device, provided there’s an internet connection available. The benefits of using a cloud-based EMR solution extend further than eliminating the need to have paper records or local hardware/servers. Some of these indispensable benefits are:

  1. Streamlined workflow: A cloud-based EMR solution, such as DermEngine, allows doctors to streamline and automate their workflow and clinical operations. It makes the practice’s daily processes, from patient registration, to consulting and all the way to final billing, more time and cost effective. This leads to better patient care, improved performance, optimized decision making and lower running costs.

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  2. Data security: A cloud-based EMR solution ensures that patient data and records are as safe as possible. Unlike with client-server EMR solutions or paper records where physical destruction of the papers, local hardware or servers means that all data can be lost, having a cloud-based EMR solution in place means doctors can rest assured of data security even in the event of incidents like fires or natural disasters. This is because not only are the servers this data is stored on external, they are also securely backed up to different locations.

    Cloud-based EMR solutions are also HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant by employing high-level security protocol that make information breaches almost impossible, and even if a breach happens, the advanced encryption systems set up make the data unreadable and unusable.

  3. Interoperability: The ability of a cloud-based EMR solution to communicate with and relay information to software systems in other practices, labs, and clinics is one of its best features. The need to share patient data across several healthcare providers is ever-present, and is crucial to obtaining comprehensive health records and providing optimum patient care. While interoperability is not available with all cloud-based EMR solutions, EMR software like DermEngine possess integration and interoperability abilities making certain that there's no detrimental break in the continuum of care under different healthcare providers and institutions.

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  1. Scalability: A cloud-based EMR solution makes certain that a doctor’s practice can be easily expanded and scaled up without the need to purchase any new hardware or increase the physical space required for servers and IT hardware.

  2. Ease of access: Deploying a cloud-based EMR solution guarantees that access to patient’s medical records is not limited to a single geographical location. The web-based nature of this kind of software solution means that doctors can gain access anywhere, and not just on a computer but on mobile devices too.

By installing and utilizing a cloud-based EMR solution, a doctor like you can ensure that you’re providing your patients with the best health care while at the same time maximizing the efficiency and profitability of your practice.

 -The MetaOptima Team

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