Is Your EMR Software Limiting You?

by The DermEngine Team on Jun 25, 2018

In part 2 of the article we discussed the cost efficacy of emerging cloud-based EMR software in contrast to the aging method of on-premise systems. The third and final step to completing this comparison is examining the actual capabilities provided by each of their systems: namely, once they are installed how are they supporting medical professionals in their practice? As with the last two articles, this will be examined through the lens of the dermoscopy industry.

As mentioned previously, each dermatology EMR software comes with its own strengths and weaknesses, which is especially relevant in terms of on-premise versus cloud systems. In addition to possessing the latest security methods and scalable cost-effective platforms it is essential that the software actually supports your practice (rather than limit or slow it down).

Challenges Of On-Premise EMR System
The issues behind the dwindling popularity of in-house EMR software can be narrowed down to a single problem: the systems are becoming quickly outdated. As the world of artificial intelligence in dermatology, big dataintelligent dermatology software, and smart dermoscopy tools flood the market, this is no room left for machines that do not hold the capacity to grow alongside the world of digital healthcare.

Cross-platform connectivity Cloud EMR

Subsequently, if a machine can no longer support your practice, it is no longer useful. Only a handful of these causes include:

  • Limited interoperability: Arguably one of the hottest topics of 2018, lacking interoperability leads to the EMR machine working separate of all systems causing a severe disconnect in workflows
  • No patient portal: The system is contained to within the practice(s) causing limited to no communication with patients for the transfer of their data.
  • Limited upgrades: On-premise software leads to expensive and sparse upgrades that struggle to keep up with the exponentially growing digital health field.
  • Lacking customization: In an industry that thrives on scalability for the needs of different practices, a one-size-fits-all services ends with practices needing to purchase multiple software to properly fit their needs.
  • No all-in one systems: Building off the above point, many EMR systems are focused on providing basic services that they fail to recognize visionary or new features being introduced on frequently-updated systems.

As a result, on-premise EMR software become quickly outdated, leading to practices searching for cloud-based dermatology EMR software that fit these criteria.

Interoperability DermEngine AI Software

Benefits Of Cloud Dermatology EMR Software
In contrast, cloud-based dermatology software such as DermEngine are designed to be scalable and upgradable while connecting you with other systems, your colleagues and patients. As such, intelligent dermatology software such as these offer:

Connectivity: By offering an interoperable software with an intrinsic patient portal for teledermoscopy, medical professionals are able to streamline workflows, transfer valuable data, and remain truly connected every step of the way.

Futuristic tools today: Equipped with the latest tools for artificial intelligence in dermatology, cloud dermoscopy software such as DermEngine offer total body photography, clinic analytics, clinical decision support tools (powered by AI), teledermoscopy, 3D body mapping and much more.

Customization: Through providing a wide variety of solo, group, and enterprise plans with a list of add-ons and upgrades, this software is completely tailored to the specific needs of your practice. No installations and constant online upgrades mean that your practice stays ahead of the curve.

By providing an entirely online solution such as DermEngine, practices are able to forgo the arduous processes associated with switching their system. Through using DermEngine, physicians gain access to a secure, scalable and cross-platform software that is available anytime, anywhere.

Conclusion: Part 1
Through offering seamless and scalable solutions, intelligent dermatology software such as DermEngine offer advanced solutions designed to not only recognize the modern needs of physicians, but to build and enhance their practice through streamlined, connected and intuitive documentation processes. In part 3 of this article, we will extend these concepts to discuss the benefits and challenges associated with security and ongoing capabilities of these two types of software.

-The MetaOptima Team

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