Top 5 Reasons To Promote Teledermatology Services To Your Patients

by The DermEngine Team on May 28, 2018

A large number of medical professionals (both family physicians, dermatologists, and skin cancer specialists alike) are adopting teledermatology services due to the wide range of benefits. However, when implementing these services, it is important for your patients to understand exactly why teledermatology consultations will be a beneficial experience for them. This article will summarize the top 5 reasons behind why your patients will be sure to invest in teledermoscopy services.

Many medical professionals are becoming aware of how teledermatology software & services are able to support their practice and streamline workflows. As patients continue to be brought on board with these new services, it is important they understand how they will be supported. The top 5 benefits of teledermatology services that should be emphasized to your patients are:

DermEngine Dermatologist Teledermoscopy

1. Streamlined Care: Due to the dermatologist shortage, many patients are subject to wait times of over 6 months to receive their care. Naturally, patients will be interested in receiving faster care as this will promote peace of mind. Additionally, teledermoscopy software such as DermEngine work as a store & forward, meaning that both medical professionals and patients can send & receive their care based on their personal schedule.

2. Reduced Travel Needs: Similarly, eTriage consultations allow for patients to avoid travel fees and the additional time associated with transiting to appointments. This is especially important in rural areas, where dermatologists are few and far between. As such, patient-oriented teledermoscopy services have already risen 960% in rural areas since 2011 (and 620% in urban areas).

3. Increased Affordability: As the popularity of teledermoscopy services continues to rise, dermatologists have been able to offer affordable prices to their patients, in some cases as low as $15 per spot. This is excellent for patients who wish to have a suspicious mole imaged without having to wait over half a year for a diagnosis and is often viewed as well worth the price.
MoleScope (Mobile Dermatoscope) Patient Cycle DermEngine
4. Greater accessibility: Through the use of teledermoscopy services, patients are able to remain connected to their dermatologist. Additionally, medical professionals are offering mobile dermoscopy tools such as  MoleScope for in-home use by high-risk patients. This allows for patients to capture high quality images of their skin to submit to their dermatologists for fast and high-quality feedback.

5. Raised Engagement: Through the use of advanced teledermoscopy software, patient engagement in personal skin health management is rapidly increasing. Similar to point 4, the use of in-home dermoscopy tools allow patients to remain educated in their skin health management and get urgent questions answered about their skin concerns so that the early detection of skin cancer is further promoted by both the patient and skin care professional.

As teledermoscopy services continue rise in popularity, it is important that patients properly understand the benefits that these technologies offer for their health and happiness. Only five of the pros associated with eTriage services include streamlined care, eliminated travel times, affordable feedback, as well as increased accessibility and patient engagement. By educating your patients they will become more open to the exciting changes associated with mobile dermoscopy services.

-The MetaOptima Team

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