Telemedicine & Teledermoscopy: The Latest Trends

by The DermEngine Team on Apr 19, 2018

As telemedicine (with a focus in teledermoscopy) continues its rise in usage,  certain challenges have arisen in addition to the recognized benefits. This article summarizes the top trends dominating the field of telemedicine through the use of teledermoscopy software such as DermEngine, statistics relating to monetary and popularity growth, as well as discussions for how obstacles will be overcome and what to expect in upcoming years.

Although telemedicine possesses a wide range fields and applications, perhaps one with the most potential in the current market is teledermoscopy due to the relative ease of sending and receiving images of the skin without the physical presence of a medical professional.

News in Teledermoscopy

Studies demonstrate that in recent years, telehealth service use increased substantially. In the past, digital health tools such as teledermoscopy services were limited in receiving compensation from insurance companies. However, in recent years, telehealth services are gaining increasing recognition for being a valuable tool for continuous patient health monitoring. Due to increased accessibility, patient use increased by 960% in rural areas, and 629% in urban areas between 2011 and 2016.1

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Financial Growth/Trends in Telemedicine

Due to increasing recognition as a viable service for affordable, streamlined, and quality patient care, the telemedicine sector is rapidly rising in both popularity and value. For example, one study cites that up to 75% of healthcare delivery organizations are already investing in telehealth. Due to trends such as these, the market is set to reach $38 billion USD by 2022.2, 3

Patient Benefits

As popularity in dermoscopy has increased, a growing number of studies are being published praising teledermoscopy software such as DermEngine for its ability to match in-office visits with a physician or dermatologist. In addition to the support of medical professionals, patients are quickly moving to support the technology; one study concludes that 87% of participants agreed that teledermoscopy improved the quality of their skin exams, with 94% stating that dermoscopy tools such as MoleScope are easy to use.4
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In addition to increased efficiency and accessibility, patients gain access to a streamlined and affordable solution for non-emergency health solutions. For example, The Wall Street Journal states that patients save upwards of $50 per visit, or greater than $100 when compared to urgent care clinic visitations.5

The Future of Teledermoscopy Software

The field of teledermatology is projected for incredible growth in the coming decade. Only a single example is how 60% of healthcare entrepreneurs state that they are planning to expand or launch telemedicine initiatives in upcoming projects in the coming years.6 Holding incredible promise, teledermoscopy software is poised to increase patient-physician accessibility and affordability while revolutionizing the dermatology industry.

-The MetaOptima Team

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