Dermoscopy: Top 10 Reasons To Update Your Dermoscope

by The DermEngine Team on Jan 23, 2018

Dermoscopes are quickly becoming the face technological advancements within the dermatology industry. This article will review some of the most popular reasons a dermatoscope has continued to be a valuable device in the dermatology industry and beyond, along with how technologies in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) are enhancing its uses to become an essential tool in every medical professional's office.

1. Simplified Imaging
Dermoscopy is constantly evolving to benefit the medical industry in simplified, innovative ways. For example, dermoscopes now offer polarized lighting, which automatically eliminates glare from the reflection of the skin, meaning that a liquid media is no longer needed to be applied to the patient's skin.

2. Greater Options
Similar to point 1, dermatoscopes are now able to offer a greater number of options for medical professionals, such as interchangeable contact & non-contact imaging caps. This allows physicians to image a wider variety of cases, including those that cannot allow direct contact (lesions, raised moles).

3. Smartphone-Compatible Dermoscopes 
Medical professionals are now able to connect their dermatoscope directly to their smartphone/tablet for high-quality imaging for conditions like skin cancer to simplify workflows and documentation.

Dermoscope - Molescope  Skin cancer app

4. Connects With Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Dermatology Software
Dermoscopes are offering smart dermatology apps like DermEngine's Visual Search feature with applications in artificial intelligence (AI). In addition to storing images in an efficient manner, the skin analytics software also analyzes visually similar images and provides instant feedback while keeping you connected with your patients. 

5. More Affordable Than Ever
Dermoscopes are becoming more and more affordable to meet the needs of medical experts, with devices like MoleScope II as low as $299 for professionals in comparison to devices costing upwards of $1000.

6. Increased Accuracy
Due to the enhanced magnification, studies demonstrate that dermoscopy diagnoses are up to 35% more accurate than clinical diagnoses.1 This has a revolutionary impact on diagnosis accuracy, skin cancer early detection, and workflow.

7. Reduces Unnecessary Biopsies
In relation to point 6, mobile dermoscopes are able to reduce the number of benign lesions excised to the increased rate of accuracy. This saves the patient recovery time and money, and saves the physician valuable diagnosis and follow-up time that can be directed to other patient cases.  

8. Non-Invasive Technique
Dermoscopy is a non-invasive way to examine the skin, hair and nails. Patients can receive a professional skin exam in a few minutes with no pain, with the result of increased rate the early detection of skin cancer for survival.

MoleScope - Mobile Dermoscope - Skin Cancer App
9. Benefits Early Detection Of Skin Conditions Like Melanoma
Studies demonstrate that "dermoscopy can detect 92% of melanomas immediately", meaning that skin cancer specialists are able to provide accurate diagnoses, and prevent undetected or late-stage cases to optimize patient care.1

10. Essential for Total Body Imaging

Total Body Photography is the imaging and mapping of all spots on a patient's body. With the use of a dermatoscope, dermatologists are able to have dermoscopic images of suspicious lesions that can be closely monitored at each subsequent appointment

In conclusion, dermoscopy is an essential part of a dermatologist's toolbox; the technology is consistently improving, while providing a great increase in diagnosis efficacy, workflow, and patient safety. In addition to its clinical benefits, the device itself offers a greater number of applications and features designed to further enhance practices. 

-The MetaOptima Team

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