Top 6 Reasons To Upgrade To A Mobile Dermoscope

by The DermEngine Team on Jul 26, 2018

Have you made the switch to a mobile dermatoscope? Although relatively new to the market, these little devices are making big waves in dermoscopy news for their portability, scalability, and accessibility. Read on to discover the six key distinctions that separate a mobile dermoscope from a traditional device and how this benefits dermatologists and their practices.

  1. Works with your phone: Perhaps the most obvious of the list, a mobile dermoscope (by design) works with your smartphone or tablet. What is so important about this factor is that this allows the device to build on the powerful cameras available in today’s smartphones. This means that as phones continuously improve, so will the dermoscope’s magnifying capabilities.

  2. The latest technology: Since mobile dermoscopes are a newer innovation, devices are often equipped with the latest wave of dermoscopy innovations (such as polarized lighting and interchangeable contact & non-contact imaging caps). Notably, traditional dermoscopes can have these features. However these are typically newer renditions of previous models, meaning you likely have to upgrade your current device.
    Mobile Dermoscope - MoleScope
  3. Portable: Similar to the previous point, portability isn’t limited to mobile dermoscopy devices, however it does make it a guaranteed feature. Due to the fact that a mobile dermoscope is intrinsically designed to be attached to a smartphone, devices will always be cordless and typically offer rechargeable batteries for optimal efficiency and convenience.

  4. Connected: If something attaches to your phone there is a high chance that there is a connected app. Mobile dermoscopes are no exception. Dermoscopy tools such as MoleScope II offer an associated app, DermEngine for advanced skin analytics while letting medical professionals automatically synchronize images with the web-based platform for a streamlined workflow.

    Dermengine: Dermatology Software

  5. Accessible/scalable Building on the point above, devices such as MoleScope are designed to work with a wide variety of intelligent dermatology software in contrast to one proprietary dermatology EMR software. This allows medical professionals to directly add images to the app and have it synced to the web platform in real-time for ultimate convenience. As a result, the mobile dermoscope is working for your practice rather than limiting you to one software.

  6. Simplified Imaging: Mobile dermoscopy devices such as MoleScope have designed devices dedicated to being easy and manageable for medical professionals and patients respectively. This increases accessibility, patient engagement, and allows users to send high-quality images via teledermatology services for review through the free associated MoleScope app.

Together, these six benefits add up to create a powerful picture about the future of dermoscopy. Built on creating solutions for previous problems faced in dermoscopy (such as high pricing or lack of portability) mobile dermoscopy demonstrates its ability to stand as a valuable tool among the newest emerging trends in dermoscopy.

-The MetaOptima Team

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