A Professional Review of DermEngine & MoleScope

by The DermEngine Team on Oct 2, 2018

With the growing disparity between patient needs and available number of dermatologists, it is essential that medical professionals are equipped with the most advanced tools in dermoscopy in order to provide the utmost quality of care. This article reviews the experience of Dr. Jason Rivers, a practicing dermatologist at Pacific Derm in Vancouver, Canada using DermEngine with the support of MoleScope for his patients.

Implementing DermEngine Within The Practice
As every practicing dermatologist will know, it is essential to have a dermatology EMR software that supports the daily workings of their practice, rather than hinder it. With a growing number of platforms and features on the market what makes DermEngine stand out?

DermEngine benefits me in multiple ways, allowing us to do analyses in a way that was previously unavailable.  However, the implementation of DermEngine requires a number of features to make it worthwhile and the company has achieved this.

First, we need to see the lesion in detail and with the MoleScope (Mobile dermatoscope) camera system that can easily attach to a smartphone, it allows patients to record their own images and then upload them to a secure site. This is the second important feature of the system, patient information is maintained through secure encryption, which is paramount.

The third requirement is a reader, a dermatologist or other expert, who is able to interpret the lesion in a timely fashion. The system allows the dermatologist to easily zoom in on features with excellent image resolution. In fact, this resolution is at times better than what we can see with our own dermoscopes.

Dr. Jason Rivers Using MoleScope In His Dermatology Practice

Artificial Intelligence In Dermatology
In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been making waves in industries around the world, particularly in healthcare. As the question of artificial intelligence in dermatology continues to surface (as to whether it is supporting medical experts versus replacing), what has been your experience thus far?

The issue about artificial intelligence comes up all the time. I think that having this feature embedded into the DermEngine software will help us on numerous levels. First, the tool will help clinicians using dermoscopy to better understand their own diagnostic skill and hopefully through ongoing use, their ability to interpret lesions will improve in the clinic setting through this educational resource. It’s almost like a mentor by your side.

By definition, the algorithm is constantly improving with time and should be able to help physicians with lesions that are difficult to interpret. Whether or not this will replace the dermatologist is another question but certainly in the short-term AI can help us improve our ability to deliver quality clinical decisions to our patients.

Assessing Workflows
With the dermatologist shortage in BC, how are you looking for an intelligent dermatology software such as DermEngine to support your practice?

For me the best feature of DermEngine is the fact that it allows me to quickly assess a lesion and provide information as to whether the lesion can be ignored because it is benign or whether it should be seen by somebody in a timely fashion to have it assessed and biopsied if warranted.

We have long wait lists in our clinics and in part this arises from doctors referring lesions that could be dealt with efficiently through a portal such as DermEngine. If utilized, this would provide time for other patients to gain a more rapid access to their dermatologist.
Dermatologists Reviewing Skin Lesions With DermEngine's Intelligent Dermatology Algorithms

Integrating Dermatology EMR Software
In addition to artificial intelligence, interoperability is another key buzzword in the healthcare industry. The requirement for systems to be able to understand one another and keep medical experts of varying professions connected is a growing challenge. How does DermEngine address this concern?

Well I can’t really speak to other healthcare systems because I don’t know them well, but having a system that is scalable and that can be linked to experts around the world will allow the knowledge base to grow exponentially. This is truly unprecedented. Soon, I hope the DermEngine system will help us to streamline our practice to the point where we can eTriage, advise and move people through the system quickly. This will be a very big advancement.  In future, having the ability to communicate with people across a large geographic range will allow a physician sitting in their office somewhere in Canada to help people across the country or around the world. 



As the dermatology market is flooded with amazing innovations, it is important to understand how these technologies can support the workflows of medical professionals in a meaningful way. DermEngine’s intelligent, accessible dermoscopy software will allow dermatologists such as Dr. Rivers to stay connected with his colleagues, patients, and pathologists. In turn, this ensures information is seamlessly transferred throughout the many day-to-day processes, ensuring an optimized practice experience so Dr. Rivers can focus on what matters- his patients.

-The MetaOptima Team

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