Complementing Traditional EMR Software With Seamless DermEngine Integration

by The DermEngine Team on Sep 13, 2018

Due to the ever-increasing number of patient cases, EMR software is an essential aspect of dermatology practices.1 Following the current trend towards newer cloud-based EMR software, this article will focus on the advantages of integration with the intelligent dermatology software DermEngine for a complementary solution to traditional EMRs.

1. Challenges of traditional EMR systems
On-premise EMR systems have been a great advance from the days of paper records, however they still present limitations based primarily on their lack of adaptability. Installation, maintenance and scalability expenses can become a hindrance in a relatively short time compared to workflow benefits. At the forefront, constantly updating these systems with the latest releases proves to be the most difficult of tasks.
 Cloud connectivity with DermEngine dermatology software
Undoubtedly, at centre stage is connectivity which is the key functionality needed to keep EMRs up-to-date. Traditional EMR programs normally function on locally managed networks, often relying on internal servers for stored data. Physical damage, technical failure or security breaches become unavoidable threats to partial or total loss of sensitive patient information. For this reason, an increasing number of health professionals are opting to adopt more technologically advanced systems that can counteract most -if not all- of the challenges traditional EMRs face.  
Cloud-based dermatology EMR software has become the most popular choice in recent years. This is largely due to their improved connectivity, futuristic tools, customizable settings, scalable plans, free online support and interoperability. As a result, this has allowed for the rapid expansion of these systems in practice management. However, they come with the associated difficulties in the migration and integration process to existing software.
2. DermEngine's customized integration
When transitioning to a new EMR software, physicians are faced with a long list of choices. Once of the most challenging decisions is how they elect to relocate all stored patient information to the new system without risking the loss, theft or corruption of any sensitive data.

Among the features offered by DermEngine is a seamless integration procedure customized for a wide variety of current EMR providers. The ease in DermEngine’s adaptability to an expanding number of dermatology EMR software relies on its dedicated integration software called DermSync. This specially designed program bridges the gap between the current system in use and the new features contained in DermEngine.

Dermatology EMR Solution DermEngine

Upon completion, DermEngine will automatically transfer existing data from the previous EMR software, acting as the operating face of this newly integrated system. Due to its advanced interoperable properties, all data is smoothly transferred to provide medical experts with an all-in-one solution. This approach allows experts to keep all previous patient data in the workflow, reducing time and cost efforts while increasing efficiency. 


As technology continues to unveil new discoveries, EMR software for dermatology practices will inevitably continue to revolutionize the way data is analyzed and archived. In an attempt to offer constant innovation and adaptability in a fast-changing field, DermEngine’s integration strategy represents a fundamental advantage. Its software-assisted customized approach provides a seamless and successful assimilation experience applicable to various professional needs.

-The MetaOptima Team

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