Top 10 DermEngine Features You Didn't Know About

by The DermEngine Team on Sep 20, 2018

DermEngine is known for holding a number of popular features, such as total body photography, teledermoscopy services, and clinical decision support tools (powered by artificial intelligence). But what about all the other tools hidden within the software? Read on to discover the top 10 tools within DermEngine you may not have even known existed!

1.Hair Removal
Found on the patient profile, the hair removal (razor) tool “shaves” all the hair away from a dermoscopic image, allowing for a closer look. This is especially valuable for lesions covered by a large amount of hair, or require closer inspection.

DermEngine Intelligent  Dermatology Software Razor Tool for Skin Analytics

2.Advanced Search
Having trouble finding a patient? The advanced search feature lets users locate a patient based on any parameter- whether it be name, birthday, diagnosis date, image, or lesion location to simplify patient organization.

3.Integrate with your Pathology Lab
Did you know that DermEngine can integrate with your pathology lab in addition to your EMR software? By filling out the pathology request form, medical experts can remain connected with their pathology labs to send and receive digital diagnosis reports for streamlined workflows..

4.Create Routine Follow Up Templates
In many cases, a patient may require a follow up after their professional skin check. In addition to being able to create follow ups within the system, you also have the option of creating template intervals based on the patient’s diagnosis.

5.Color Code Patient Spots
One of the more well-known features within DermEngine is the 3D Body Map, which allows you to organize all of a patient’s spots on a corresponding model. Additionally, you can color code these spots based on their status to make them easier to track and locate at a later date.

6.Region Search
Within DermEngine’s Visual Search feature (which lets you view visually similar images to your current patient case), Region Search uses the power of artificial intelligence to let you examine a specific portion of a mole for further analysis and feedback by the system for a more comprehensive review.

DermEngine Artificial Intelligence Region Search Tool

7.Customize your Printed Report
When printing your patient’s report (or saving it as a PDF) there may be only certain aspects that you wish to retrieve. Within the patient’s Timeline you can select report criteria based on Clinical Diagnosis, Pathology, And Images to ensure that your report contains all the information it needs.

Within the Lesion Mapping  feature (of total body photography) you have the option of using the Flicker tool, which will overlay and “flicker” between the full body images to better outline any differences that may have appeared over time.

9.DifferenceDermEngine app Total Body Photography Template
Another full-body imaging feature, the Difference tool will black out the entire selected body part image and highlight in bright white where any changes have occurred over time. This is another excellent tool for identifying any changes to a patient’s lesions from previous visits.

10.Full Body Imaging Silhouette
When examining full body images it can be challenging to identify any changes over time, especially if the patient is in slightly different poses. The silhouette tool within the DermEngine app provides a see-through outline.

DermEngine is designed to support medical professionals at every step of their practice. In addition to some of the more well-known, large features is an array of tiny tools dedicated towards simplifying the processes within the daily life of a dermatologist to ensure that they have a truly optimized experience.

-The MetaOptima Team

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