Attendance at AWS reInvent Expo

by The DermEngine Team on Nov 30, 2017

We are excited to announce that MetaOptima's Software Engineer Manager, Parminder Benipal, is attending Amazon's AWS reInvent expo from November 27th to December 1st in Las Vegas to learn about the latest in AWS technologies!

AWS re:Invent is a learning conference hosted by Amazon Web Services for the global cloud computing community. This expo is ideal for developers and engineers, system administrators, systems architects, and technical decision makers.

AWS re:Invent Keynote speaker

The event features keynote announcements, training and certification opportunities. This sold out event provides attendees with access to over 1,000 breakout sessions, bootcamps, hackathons, workshops, after-hours events, and so much more to get users as much experience with AWS experts as possible! 

We're excited to hear about the latest in AWS services, products, features and learn how these new skills and knowledge can be applied to DermEngine! Want to hear about our latest updates and exciting news? Subscribe today!

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