MetaOptima's November Accomplishments

by The DermEngine Team on Nov 27, 2017

Throughout November, MetaOptima had the privilege of attending a wide variety of events for the education, presentation, awareness and discussion of skin cancer, early detection technologies, and the future of artificial intelligence in dermatology. We are proud to say that we attended:

Google Canada's Go North Event

CEO of MetaOptima, Maryam Sadeghi received the opportunity to demo DermEngine's latest features in Artificial Intelligence at Google's Go North Event.  At the event, she showcased the platform's Visual Search tool alongside mobile dermoscope, MoleScope's professional imaging quality to visionary Canadian businesses, as well as participate in a round table discussion with key opinion leaders, including Justin Trudeau.

"It was incredibly exciting to be a part of the event. They're working to shed light on the latest innovations Canadian businesses have to offer. I was so excited to have an opportunity to speak about how AI is going to benefit the world, especially in healthcare. There is so much potential that we are only just realizing."  -Maryam Sadeghi

Maryam Sadeghi at Go North Google

"It was so wonderful to see everyone interested in our intelligent dermatology software DermEngine! I loved showing everyone how Visual Search worked. They were so impressed that we have the technology to do this kind of thing. It was even more special knowing that Prime Minister Trudeau saw our work, I'm so proud!- Jodi Rai, DermEngine Demo Associate

 Intelligent Dermatology Software DermEngine

Skin Cancer Masterclass & Symposium

The International Skin Cancer Surgery Masterclass revolved around the teachings and presentations by internationally renowned experts in different surgery-related disciplines, and is one of the world's most renowned cancer-related events.

We are excited to have met experts, oncologists, dermatologists and those invested in the development of tools for the early detection and monitoring of skin cancer and other conditions. MetaOptima looks forward to experiencing the continued growth of our company and valued relationships stemmed from the insightful discussions that took place at this annual event. 

"Masterclass is an excellent opportunity for medical professionals and innovators to share the latest techniques and news in dermatology and onwards. I was honoured to be able to share what DermEngine can do to help enhance their practice and encourage further research."- Maryam Sadeghi

Maryam Sadeghi at Masterclass

Medica Trade Fair 2017

The Medica Trade Fair was an  excellent opportunity for us to meet distributors and discuss the features, benefits, and future applications of DermEngine (dermatology software) with potential business customers.  We are proud to say that our booth was a great success, and the demoing the platform's teledermatology and artificial intelligence-fueled features allowed us to gain new contacts and share how our products can help save lives.

"I couldn't believe how huge the event was. Everyone involved in the industry was there presenting their latest tech. Our representative, IDCP was showing DermEngine's latest AI features and everyone was so impressed. I hope we can keep pushing forward to see what innovations will come next, especially in artificial intelligence!- Karen Meohas, MetaOptima's Business Development Manager

Medica Trade Fair 2017

What's Next...
With all of the excitement going on throughout November, we can hardly wait to see what the rest of 2017 will hold! In February 16th-20th in 2018, MetaOptima will be presenting DermEngine at the American Academy for Dermatology in San Diego. Here, we will be showcasing the platform's complete makeover, and newest features! Want to learn more about our upcoming changes? Subscribe to our What's New on DermEngine blog!

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