MetaOptima's Experience At The Skin Cancer Surgery Masterclass

by The DermEngine Team on Nov 20, 2017

This year, MetaOptima had the opportunity to attend the International Skin Cancer Surgery Masterclass from November 16th-18th in Auckland, New Zealand. The company's CEO, Maryam Sadeghi and CTO, Majid Razmara took this unique chance to present MoleScope (advanced dermoscope) and intelligent dermatology software DermEngine's features, highlight its latest innovations in skin imaging technology and discuss the future of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

"Experience all aspects of skin cancer surgery within a multi-disciplinary setting and with a range of internationally renowned experts in different skin cancer surgery-related disciplines."

Maryam Skin Cancer Masterclass

The International Skin Cancer Surgery Masterclass revolved around the teachings and presentations by internationally renowned experts in different surgery-related disciplines, and is one of the world's most renowned cancer-related events.

  • "Tips and techniques" sessions with experienced surgeons
  • Reconstructive surgery conundrums with international plastic surgeons
  • Bleeding disorders and cutaneous manifestations of haematological conditions
  • Recent advances in Dermatopathology and Dermato-Oncology

"Masterclass is an excellent opportunity for medical professionals and innovators to share the latest techniques and news in dermatology and onwards. I was honoured to be able to share what DermEngine can do to help enhance their practice and encourage further research."- Maryam Sadeghi

We are excited to have met experts, oncologists, dermatologists and those invested in the development of tools for the early detection and monitoring of skin cancer and other conditions. MetaOptima looks forward to experiencing the continued growth of our company and valued relationships stemmed from the insightful discussions that took place at this annual event. 

-The MetaOptima Team

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