Early Detection Saving Lives | Our Partnership with Skin Check Champions

by The DermEngine Team on Mar 2, 2024

We are proud to be part of the mission that is creating a national skin check program across Australia! 

Our partnership with Skin Check Champions is revolutionizing the way we are prioritizing skin health in one of the most affected areas in the world.

Facing The Facts: Skin Cancer in Australia
Due to its geographical location, Australia has a population that is more likely to develop a form of skin cancer. In fact, 2 out of every 3 Australians are affected by skin cancer in their lifetime1. Its proximity to the equator, the thinning of the ozone layer, and a majority population with fair skin makes Australians highly vulnerable. When you combine this with the fact that there is not an official national effort towards the prevention or education of skin cancer, Australians are largely left to their own individual awareness and action to prevent the likelihood. 


Here in, the Skin Check Champions
The nonprofit organization came to be when a close friend of theirs, Wes Bonny, passed away from a suspicious mole they didn't know they had at 26 years young. Since then, the Skin Check Champions have worked tirelessly to ensure Australians have the education, resources, and healthcare solutions against the life-threatening disease. To continue reading more about the important work the Skin Check Champions have been doing, feel free to browse through these links:

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The Partnering Solution
Our DermEngine is a skin cancer analytics platform with features and tools for imaging, documentation, and care coordination. As its trained on a growing database of over 14 million images, DermEngine can provide intelligent analytics from these millions of cases and offer comprehensive statistics of the likely chance of malignancy- a tool dermatologists, specialists, and doctors never had. On top of this, DermEngine is designed to simplify and enhance your workflow with award-winning AI-based tools

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Because dermatologists are trained on the visual cues of a lesion, a well developed computer algorithm can be trained to detect the same abnormalities to flag for an expert's more careful review. One of the greatest implications is the ability to train medical and nonmedical staff with this tool to offer a skin check solution to more people, while still only requiring one or few doctors. This can be supported fully remotely with DermEngine's teledermatology feature.

Project Checkmate: The World's First Intelligent Skin Check Program
By partnering with one another's strengths, we can create the world's first targeted, AI-assisted and nurse-led skin check program that is so highly needed in Australia. 

Last year, the Skin Check Champions and their partners held multiple popup clinics throughout communities in Australia. In just one summer, the team performed over 4,700 skin checks, initially identified about 1,800 suspicious lesions, and flagged nearly 300 potential skin cancers2. These came from communities in Australia that spend most of their time outdoors, such as farmers and other public services (e.g. policing, firefighting, and more). A simple program like this can help increase the chances of catching melanoma early by providing Aussies with easy access to skin checks.

We are proud to partner with the Skin Check Champions and all the other organizations involved to pioneer this first-in-the-world program. By leveraging early-detection and change-monitoring technology, we can help win the race against skin cancer. Project Checkmate is ongoing with hopes to reach more parts of Australia. Follow along with the Skin Check Champions on their Instagram page here!


-The MetaOptima Team



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