MetaOptima at the 12th Annual American Dermoscopy Meeting (ADM) in 2024

by The DermEngine Team on Jun 10, 2024

The MetaOptima team is looking forward to the 12th annual American Dermoscopy Meeting (ADM) conference this year in Flagstaff, Arizona from June 13th to 15th. Join us this year as we showcase our technology and innovations for smarter and simpler dermoscopy. 

Expert Sessions and Discussions in Dermoscopy 

The American Dermoscopy Meeting (ADM) is an educational conference focused on the field of dermoscopy. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Northern Arizona University, ADM 2024 promises to deliver on the latest dermoscopic techniques, interactive workshops on cryotherapy and biopsy procedures, and engaging activities for professional development and networking. 


Excited to show off our DermEngine features for smarter dermoscopy 

As always, the team is looking forward to showcasing our advanced tools for a streamlined dermoscopy workflow, effectively making it more simple, efficient and accessible to a broader audience than ever before:
MoleScope supports high-resolution imaging that allows for the detailed visualization of skin lesions. This is crucial for the accurate diagnosis and monitoring of skin conditions such as melanoma and other skin cancers. MoleScope is the most affordable option in the market, often costing half or even a third of the price of comparable high-quality dermatoscopes. When MoleScope connects to DermEngine, it powers other features that enable a provider to have an intuitive, enhanced workflow including analytic and documentation support. 
DermEngine Smart Snap Serial Imaging 
Through clinical analytics, healthcare providers can receive insights to make data-driven decisions. DermEngine leverages AI to analyze patient data to offer insights and help make an informed clinical decision. Through identifying patterns and trends in the patient data, DermEngine allows for the proactive treatment and early detection of skin conditions. 
DermEngine Enterprise Clinic Analytics Dashboard
Another part of a provider's workflow is the documentation stage which can often be the most repetitive and cumbersome. By leveraging AI, these processes and workflows can be automated to support the provider's time in seeing more patients. This reduction in administrative burdens allow healthcare professionals more time to deliver quality care more accurately. Ultimately, integrating AI into documentation enhances overall efficiency and supports better clinical outcomes.

We look forward to demonstrating our exact tools for imaging, analysis, and documentation at this year's annual American Dermoscopy Meeting in Flagstaff, Arizona. Join us this year and let us know that you will be attending! Email us at to book a time with the team or see a live demonstration of our products. 

-The MetaOptima Team
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