MetaOptima Wins the ISIC 2018 Disease Classification Competition!

by The DermEngine Team on Aug 8, 2018

We are excited to announce that MetaOptima’s Research and Development Team has won first place in the Disease Classification Task of the International Skin Imaging Collaboration (ISIC) 2018 Competition: Skin Lesion Analysis Towards Melanoma Detection!

The State of Dermatologist-Pathologist Workflows

by The DermEngine Team on Aug 2, 2018

Based on hand-written or manual documentation and communication systems, pathology labs and dermatologists alike are experiencing consequence of using outdated dermoscopy EMR software technologies. Discover the latest dermatology EMR solutions designed to simplify communications.

The Results Of Artificial Intelligence In Dermatology

by The DermEngine Team on Jul 12, 2018

How will intelligent dermatology tools impact your practice? This article investigates a study which tested the performance of a CNN to aid in melanoma detection against a group of dermatologists along with the potential benefits to the dermoscopy industry and patient outcomes.

Top Emerging Trends In Dermatology

by The DermEngine Team on Jun 12, 2018

The world of dermoscopy is rapidly evolving as intelligent dermatology software, tools, and innovations flood the market. Read on to discover the 5 innovations dominating the industry and how they will enhance the way you provide your services.

AI's Place In Dermatology

by The DermEngine Team on Jun 8, 2018

If you search for AI in Dermatology news, you will likely be bombarded with articles asking questions such as if AI will replace doctors, but what does this all mean? Discover current (and realistic) applications for artificial intelligence software in the world of dermoscopy.

MetaOptima Ready for WCD 2018

by The DermEngine Team on Jun 4, 2018

The MetaOptima Team is gearing up for WCD! Read on to find out how you can get 6 months of our intelligent dermatology platform for free and walk away with 50% off with our mobile dermoscope, MoleScope II! Attending WCD 2018 in Greece? Be sure to visit our booth (#22) from June 14th-16th!

How Is Intelligent Dermatology Software Supporting Your Practice?

by The DermEngine Team on May 23, 2018

In recent years, artificial intelligence/AI has exploded in the dermatology industry. This article unpacks how intelligent dermatology software such as DermEngine's Visual Search are changing the way dermatologists provide clinical decisions and retrieve dermoscopy images.