How a Streamlined Pathology Workflow Can Enhance Patient Services

by The DermEngine Team on Jun 4, 2024

Pathology workflows can be streamlined by modern cloud-based systems to enhance communication, interdisciplinary collaboration, and improve patient services in dermatology.

Cloud Computing: Your Top 3 Questions Answers

by The DermEngine Team on Dec 12, 2018

Cloud computing is something we hear about in nearly any industry. However, due to its rapid increase in popularity many healthcare providers are left in the dust. The following article answers the top 3 most common questions asked by medical experts about using cloud EMRs.

4 Major Flaws Of Fax Machines In Healthcare

by The DermEngine Team on Nov 26, 2018

Research shows that healthcare workers can't seem to move past the fax machine. Part 1 of this article summarized the 4 main reasons behind this decision. In part 2, each of these points are examined in greater detail to uncover their negative consequences on the healthcare system and its patients.

Why Are Doctors Still Using Fax Machines?

by The DermEngine Team on Nov 22, 2018

Fax machines have long held a place within healthcare. In spite of the many technological advancements such as artificial intelligence and teledermatology this hardware is still used by 75% of respondents. This is quickly becoming a problem as practices struggle to upgrade while staying connected.

How Much Is Your EMR Software Costing You?

by The DermEngine Team on Jun 21, 2018

As doctors expand their practice, they have the opportunity to purchase from a wide variety of EMR systems. However, cloud-based and on-premise software operate so differently it can be hard to weigh their benefits. Read part 2 to discover the cost-efficacy and barriers on dermatology EMR software.

How Are You Keeping Your Patients' Information Safe?

by The DermEngine Team on Jun 19, 2018

How are you keeping your patient data secure? As technology rapidly evolves, this concern becomes intrinsically related to how health tech like dermatology EMR software are equipped to handle changes facing the dermoscopy industry. Read on to learn about the advantages of Cloud-based EMR solutions.