How a Streamlined Pathology Workflow Can Enhance Patient Services

by The DermEngine Team on Jun 4, 2024

Pathology workflow refers to the organized sequence of steps in pathology, or the collecting, analyzing, and interpreting of tissue and cell samples to diagnose disease and inform patient treatment. In dermatology, optimizing the pathology workflow is part of improving overall patient care. Streamlining processes ensure accurate diagnoses, timely treatments, and overall better health outcomes. Here’s how modern cloud-based systems are revolutionizing pathology workflows to enhance patient services.

1. Reliable and On-Time Communication

Let’s take the case of Sarah, who noticed a suspicious mole on her arm. During her visit, her dermatologist, Dr. Lee, performed a thorough skin check, using advanced imaging tools to capture both overview and dermoscopic images of the mole. While these initial images provided valuable insights, Dr. Lee knew that a definitive diagnosis required a tissue biopsy, which would need to be analyzed by a pathologist. Sarah’s biopsy was sent to a third-party dermatopathology lab for pathology interpretation. This is where potential communication challenges can arise. Traditionally, there could be delays and miscommunications between the clinic and the lab, causing stress for both Sarah and Dr. Lee.


However, thanks to modern systems, these gaps are rapidly closing. These innovative systems allow for seamless sharing of patient data between Dr. Lee, the pathologist, and other relevant stakeholders like oncologists and surgeons. The moment Sarah’s biopsy results were ready, Dr. Lee received real-time updates through the cloud-based platform. This immediate access to pathology information meant that Dr. Lee could quickly communicate with the pathologist to discuss the findings. When the pathologist confirmed the presence of melanoma, Dr. Lee didn’t lose any time. Using the same system, she shared the detailed imaging and biopsy results with the surgeon who would perform Sarah’s next procedure. The advanced connectivity ensured that the surgeon knew exactly where the lesion was located, even though it had already been removed. This precise communication was crucial for planning any further surgical interventions needed to ensure all cancerous tissue was excised.

2. Interdisciplinary Collaboration Improves Patient Services

Effective interactions among dermatology service providers are essential, yet communication gaps often lead to misunderstandings, incorrect lesion removal, and treatment delays, resulting in serious consequences for patients. Cloud-based platforms that securely store and share patients' clinical data offer a significant advantage by ensuring that skin imaging, diagnostic procedures, pathology biopsy results, and other crucial information are readily accessible to all involved in the workflow. Much like we saw with Sarah, the real-time data sharing not only reduced the waiting period for her diagnosis and treatment plan but also provided peace of mind knowing her healthcare team was well-coordinated. 


This new paradigm enables a team of physicians to work together with accurate and timely information, akin to a real-time conference involving multiple doctors. Such connectivity enhances patient care by providing the best-quality treatments and improving the overall delivery of healthcare.

This connectivity enhances dermatopathology workflows, improving both doctor and patient experiences. As technology continues to advance, the focus remains on delivering better diagnostic accuracy through an integrated approach, ensuring safer, more practical, and effective services for patients. Implementing these systems streamlines pathology workflows, fosters reliable and timely communication, promotes interdisciplinary collaboration, and ultimately improves patient outcomes, enabling dermatology practices to offer exemplary care.

-The MetaOptima Team
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