4. Procedures: DermEngine 3.0

by The DermEngine Team on May 18, 2018

The new Procedures feature is designed to help you document any procedures performed on your patients. This is extremely useful for building a comprehensive patient history for future visits, while keeping reliable records useful for medical history and audit purposes.

With the latest updates to DermEngine, you have the option of adding procedures to a patient case. This feature is easily accessed through your patient's profile, and allows you to record which procedure has been performed on that patient.

2. Procedure form
Additionally, you are able to fill out detailed information , such as Patient History and Site, along with the dynamic options relating to that particular procedure. This allows you to collect data from your daily work on DermEngine to create valuable analytics which can be used for medical intelligence.

3. Add Punch Biopsy

For your convenience, you have the option of saving a Procedure as a template for future use, as well as creating a pathology request to simplify your workflow even further. Please note, you are not able to edit or delete the procedure once saved.

This concludes the Procedures section of our What’s New! If you would like to learn more about Adding a Procedure click here!  Next, our fifth and final What’s New talks about the updated Notes feature, along with how to provide and restrict access to certain data that your patients can see. If you have any questions, visit our Knowledge Base today or email us at info@metaoptima.comClick to learn more about the other new features of DermEngine 3.0 below:

  1. Visual Changes
  2. Pathology Inbox
  3. Timeline & My Activities
  4. Notes


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