Automatic Triage for Healthcare Workflows | The Power of Automation

by The DermEngine Team on Jun 20, 2024

eTriage is transforming the fast-paced world of healthcare, where efficiency and accuracy are paramount. The development and integration of eTriage in modern healthcare systems marks a significant leap forward in leveraging technology. Specifically, automation is being used to streamline the triage process to enhance patient care delivery in healthcare. Let’s explore the steps of the workflow when eTriage is used and its impact.

1. When eTriage is used in the workflow

Traditionally, triage is the process where healthcare professionals assess patients to prioritize care based on the urgency and severity of their condition. It is a vital first step as it determines the order in which patients receive their care. The use of eTriage systems today alleviates some of the burden that healthcare providers and centers feel due to the increased demand. By automating the initial assessment of patient data, it accelerates the triage process and ensures that patients can receive the timely and appropriate care based on their medical needs.

2. Harnessing the power of automation

Through automation, the manual step of assessing and prioritizing patient conditions can be streamlined and expedited. Patients can check-in by themselves with supporting software that can analyze and order their symptoms for triage for the providers. 

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Healthcare professionals benefit from these immediate triage recommendations, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on delivering timely interventions where they are most needed. This not only accelerates the workflow in busy healthcare environments but also provides peace of mind to patients who may not require urgent care but can be attended to sooner or reassured promptly.

3. Automation in Skin Cancer eTriage

Some advanced software, such as DermEngine for intelligent dermatology, have an integrated eTriage feature running in the background, classifying dermoscopic images as they enter the system in real-time. For large health enterprises, this can be an invaluable tool, freeing up time for the the provider to see more patients. 



Automatic triage systems are revolutionizing healthcare by using automation to streamline patient assessments and prioritize care effectively. Whether through general triage processes or specialized applications like skin cancer eTriage, technology enables healthcare providers to allocate resources more effectively and focus on critical interventions. As we continue to embrace and innovate with these technologies, we pave the way for a healthcare system that is more responsive, efficient, and capable of delivering better patient outcomes.

-The MetaOptima Team

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