Canada's Digital Tech Supercluster

by The DermEngine Team on Feb 20, 2018

Canada as a Global Centre for Innovation 

In February 2018, the Digital Technology Supercluster was chosen as one of five successful superclusters that will receive federal funding. Clearly, our government sees what we see – that our BC-born, Canada-wide supercluster has what it takes to propel our country forward as a global leader in the digital economy and establish a sustainable economic advantage for Canadians nationwide.

About Digital Technology Superclusters 
The Digital Technology Supercluster is a consortium of some of the world’s biggest names in healthcare, telecommunications, natural resources and computing, along with start-ups, SMEs, researchers and post-secondary institutions - all working together to solve some of the most pressing productivity, health and sustainability challenges facing Canada and the world today.
We’re proud to be BC-born, though the benefits of our collaboration will be felt nationwide. One of the fastest-growing technology sectors in Canada, British Columbia has experienced a technology boom since the 1980s. Today, BC’s technology sector generates $26 billion in annual revenue. The Digital Technology Supercluster will accelerate that growth — and the growth of other innovation ecosystems across Canada.
BC Canada Digital Technology Supercluster
How it Works
Collaboration is critical to our success. Working together across sectors, our supercluster will identify and advance projects that are guided by defined industry needs. With an initial focus on health, natural resources and industrial projects, we will innovate solutions using data analytics, quantum computing, and virtual, mixed and augmented reality.
Key Concluding Examples:
  • Secure Health and Genomic Platform will help build the core data infrastructure required to create advanced cancer treatments personalized to the unique genetic makeup of a patient.
  • Earth Data Store will facilitate improved data collection, sharing and visualization – enhancing confidence in resource sector project planning and assessments for proponents, Indigenous Peoples, government and communities.
  • Digital Learning Factory will help facilitate collaboration on the development of virtual environments that enable design, rapid experimentation, and testing of cost-saving approaches to address the most significant challenges in modern manufacturing.

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