Reducing Readmissions: Applying Telehealth To Save Lives

by The DermEngine Team on Apr 4, 2019

Miscommunication and other breakdowns in health have been reported to cause significant negative impacts. However, care networks are becoming more connected by harnessing the utility of telehealth to promote proactive health monitoring that streamlines health systems using digital technology.

Blockchain Introduction: Potential Applications In Dermatology

by The DermEngine Team on Mar 28, 2019

Blockchain is especially known for creating cryptocurrencies by using its revolutionary digital ledger to facilitate all sorts of transactions. The intricate framework is expected to bring new levels of security and efficiency in dermatology practices and the rest of the healthcare industry.

The Desperate Need For Total Digital Literacy In Healthcare

by The DermEngine Team on Dec 7, 2018

Technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. However, what may be welcomed as valuable to some is seen as an overwhelming challenge for others. How can technologies like EMRs, telemedicine, etriage, and apps support patient care when patients and/or doctors don't know how to use them?

The Importance Of Big Data In Healthcare

by Ramaninder Singh Jhajj on Apr 25, 2018

Big data has become an essential factor to the continued growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in healthcare. This article provides insight how the increasing amounts of big data will revolutionize artificial intelligence in dermatology and the healthcare industry.

The Benefits Of Cloud-Based EMR Systems

by Vladimir Ratushny on Apr 23, 2018

Cloud-based dermatology EMR software is set for rapid growth in the upcoming years. This article discusses the primary benefits of Cloud computing such as interoperability and data accessibility along with the challenges it must overcome for successful implementation.

MetaOptima at Telus Venture Summit 2018

by The DermEngine Team on Apr 11, 2018

Today, MetaOptima's CEO, Maryam Sadeghi is attending the Telus Ventures Summit held in Toronto to discuss the latest breakthroughs and innovations for artificial intelligence in dermatology and dermoscopy as well as speak on current applications and cases of AI in healthcare.

Canada's Digital Tech Supercluster

by The DermEngine Team on Feb 20, 2018

Digital Technology Supercluster was chosen as one of five to receive federal funding, with BC's tech sector generating $26 billion in annual revenue.