MetaOptima at Telus Venture Summit 2018

by The DermEngine Team on Apr 11, 2018

Today marks the 2nd Annual Telus Ventures Summit held in Toronto, Canada. We are excited to announce that MetaOptima's CEO & Co-Founder, Maryam Sadeghi will be attending the event to discuss the latest breakthroughs and innovations for artificial intelligence in dermatology and dermoscopy.

Telus Ventures works to seamlessly connect millions of people, visionary companies such as MetaOptima and communities by using - and investing in the most advanced and innovative technologies. Here, Maryam will have the opportunity to join global leaders in Health IT, IoT, Security, AI, and Smart Cities while meeting and talking with leading entrepreneurs, executives and investors from Canada and the U.S.

Maryam Sadeghi at Telus Ventures Summit 2018

At the event, attendees like Maryam will gain access to exclusive panels, presentations and networking opportunities with executives responsible for funding, building and deploying billions of dollars in leading solutions in healthcare ecosystems around the world. The goal of this event is to encourage partnerships with disruptive, market-transforming North-American-based companies in the following areas:

  • Healthcare IT: Solutions that accelerate the delivery and effectiveness of healthcare at all levels of the care continuum
  • Internet of Things: Leverage TELUS’ mobile network to enable deployment of next generation devices and applications
  • Big Data: Advance solutions that leverage data analytics to better manage and create actionable insights
  • Financial Technology: Help financial institutions excel in the face of disruptive technological changes
  • Digital Security & Identity: Protect users’ digital identity, while enabling mobile and online financial transactions

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

In addition to attending this prestigious event, Maryam will be participating in the “Artificial Intelligence: Separating Hype From Reality With Learnings From The Front Line” panel chaired by Dr. Brendan Byrne. During this panel, Maryam will have the opportunity to discuss how intelligent dermatology software such as DermEngine are revolutionizing the healthcare industry through the use of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered clinical decision support tools to aid and educate physicians.

Telus Ventures Summit Speakers MetaOptima

We'd like to thank Telus Health for holding this event. This is an excellent opportunity for MetaOptima to spread awareness about how artificial intelligence in dermatology is an evolving field set to revolutionize the way medical professionals provide optimized care. Expected to draw visionary leaders from across North America, this summit will be one of many that will support our company in its continued vision to develop world-class intelligent healthcare solutions.

-The MetaOptima Team

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