Mole Mobile: Canada's First Mobile Skin Cancer Screening Unit by Melanoma Canada

by The DermEngine Team on May 17, 2024

Melanoma Canada is in partnership with Neutrogena to present Canada's first mobile skin cancer screening unit, providing free and easily accessible skin check screenings to rural and major cities across Canada! We want to share this great resource to our fellow Canadians to take advantage of the free service being provided.

About Skin Cancer in Canada

Over the last several years, Canada has wrestled with a shortage of dermatologists,  leading to prolonged wait times for skin cancer screenings and other dermatological services1. This shortage was pronounced in remote and rural areas of Canada where a larger lack of specialty care was available. This contributed to more delays in diagnosis and treatment. The COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbated these delays, impacting patient outcomes negatively. Today, we continue to battle with long wait times and a shortage of doctors against an ever-increasing demand for skin health services from the public. With this insufficiency, many individuals protect themselves through daily habits and sun safety vigilance. 


Did you know skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in Canada but is treatable and preventable when caught early? At MetaOptima, our hope is to create technology that supports early detection in the fight against cancer. High risk patients, such as those with a family history of melanoma or having 50+ personal moles, should be able to manage their moles at home, particularly those that see visible changes often. 

Mole Mobile To Travel Throughout Canada 

One solution to make skin cancer assessments more accessible is to equip doctors onto wheels2 ! Mole Mobile is an innovative initiative that aims to enhance accessibility across the country by focusing on regions with long wait times for dermatologists, as well as underserved, rural, and Indigenous communities. The unit is equipped to provide free skin cancer screenings conducted by certified Canadian dermatologists.


Check to see a Mole Mobile Pit Stop Near You! 

We are happy to see this initiative take place next in our home province, British Columbia! This summer, the "Mobile" plans to make stops across British Columbia and Quebec, including Vancouver! Please check the dates and stops to see if the "Mobile" will make a stop near you. 

Mole Mobile Melanoma Canada Neutrogena British Columbia stops

One Last Thing: "Strides for Melanoma" Virtual 5K Walk/Run

On Sunday May 26th, we welcome you to join Melanoma Canada as they host a virtual 5k walk/run during peak UV hours, that is 3pm-5pm local time. The walk or run can be joined virtually or locally with people in your community to raise awareness and education on the risk and reality of skin cancer. Melanoma Canada is fundraising so projects such as their Mole Mobile can continue benefiting the public for free. You can visit our fundraising page with "Strides for Melanoma" here to support us. If you've made it reading this far, thank you! 

-The MetaOptima Team

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