Providing Fair Access to Quality Care | Our Partnership with IndigenousTech.AI

by The DermEngine Team on Nov 22, 2023

Our partnership with IndigenousTech.AI allows us to provide dermatological care to First Nations communities across Canada by leveraging teledermatology and remote care services. Did you know that First Nations communities may be more susceptible to skin cancer yet many do not have the local access to skin care services?

What is Teledermatology?

Teledermatology is the practice of using telecommunications technology to administer dermatological care and was a rising trend in 2020 due to COVID-191

The benefit of teledermatology is being able to reach people who typically experience barriers that prevent them from accessing quality care. Physical remoteness, socioeconomic status, and varying levels of technical proficiency often lead to receiving inadequate service. Thankfully, these are the demographics that remotely-connected telehealth services help the most.

At MetaOptima, we strive to create products that foster quality care, efficient workflows, and accessibility for all. Our dermatology software, DermEngine, has teledermatology integrated into it so providers can connect with other providers and patients can get checked remotely. Patients can submit their own professional dermatological images using MoleScope and get referred to a specialist if needed with ease. While this process can typically take up to 6 months3, DermEngine's teledermatology capabilities can expedite it within days.

DermEngine Teledermatology Patient Services (1)

Our Partnership with IndigenousTech.AI

Over the last few months, the MetaOptima team has been working with IndigenousTech.AI to provide dermatological care to remote First Nations communities in British Columbia, Canada. IndigenousTech.AI is a champion organization for the indigenous community. Their mission is to connect indigenous communities with the latest technologies and innovations to improve their lives and bring fair access to opportunities in education, healthcare, jobs, and more.

This past summer, the MetaOptima team hosted a pop up skin check clinic for the Westbank First Nation and Osoyoos Indian Band in Kelowna, BC. 

IMG_6919-1Nurses with their mobile dermatoscope attachment (MoleScope) getting ready to perform skin checks

Here, the nurses use MoleScope to take skin images and DermEngine to send it to a dermatology professional. By using teledermatology, it effectively eliminates the need for patients to come into a clinic, which are often in large city centers and away from most First Nations communities.

IMG_6920-1 IMG_6921-1
Flyer for the Westbank First Nation pop up clinic  Skin checks being performed at the pop up clinic


This partnership is the first of many future collaborations with IndigenousTech.AI. We hope to continue bringing skin checks and skin cancer awareness to First Nations communities across Canada. If you are interested in providing skin check clinics in your community, please reach out to us at

-The MetaOptima Team

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