Remedying The Major Pain Points In Dermoscopy Workflows

by The DermEngine Team on Feb 27, 2019

Image. Analyze. Document. If you were to summarize your daily imaging workflows would this be it? Or would it be closer to: Find missing patient chart. Image with standalone dermoscope. Manually add data to EMR. Re-add paperwork. Diagnose.

Dermoscopy shouldn’t be a hassle; as one of the most common parts of a dermatologist’s (and even a GP’s) practice it should be simplified, optimized, and efficient. Unfortunately, much of this “workplace utopia” remains left to the imagination. This begs the question of what has the power to be fixed and what’s destined to fail? To properly answer this query, we must first identify key pain points:

1. Imaging
What kind of dermoscope are you using? When did you last upgrade? Are you happy with the features it offers?

That last question isn’t to say you aren’t happy with the imaging quality, but in this age a dermoscope should offer so much more. For example, a dermoscope should be portable, affordable, and connected- that means no manual uploading. As a result, many newer mobile dermoscopes connect straight to a smartphone app, which allows medical professionals to capture their images and have them automatically sync with the web version of the software for maximum efficiency and convenience.

DermEngine Cloud Dermatology Software Image Analyze Document

2. Analyzing
How easy is it for you to review a patient’s case? How does your software support this process? Are follow up appointments a greater challenge due to administrative setbacks?

The average dermatologist sees hundreds of patients a week; that adds up to thousands of patients a year. Why are you expected to remember exactly where a patient’s spot is when you can leave the heavy lifting to your software? Innovative dermatology software such as DermEngine allows you to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for a completely revitalized workflow. Identify changes to a patient’s spot in seconds and plug the image into a database of thousands of pre-labelled dermoscopic images to gather evidence-based data for confident clinical decisions.

Dermatologist Comparing Lesions On DermEngine

3. Documenting
How long does it take you to locate a patient on your EMR? Do you feel you lose a significant amount of time on this process? How accurate is your patient's data? Do you ever have to re-enter it?

As a medical professional, it is your duty to apply your extensive knowledge towards ensuring a patient receives the care they need- not waste your valuable time flipping through records to locate a patient’s medical profile. Unfortunately, with healthcare providers dedicating as much as half of their time to administrative tasks, it’s safe to say workloads are being unevenly distributed. Rather than manually submitting a spot, an entire patient’s profile can be organized on their personal 3D Body Map for maximized organizational efficiency. With the support of artificial intelligence-powered suggestion tools, follow up appointments become second nature, as dermatologists can capture new images and have the algorithm recommend which spot it belongs to in a split second to reduce your imaging workflow by 80%.

By getting caught up in the often overwhelming day-to-day tasks that comprise life as a medical professional, it can be challenging to even have time to notice all of the untapped potential within a practice. Three pillars of appointments, imaging, analyzing, and documenting are key indications of a clinic’s general workflow efficiency.  Therefore, if any one of these three break down, the answer becomes obvious: the formula is set to fail. In order for medical professionals to utilize the full potential of their practice and its staff they must ask themselves this one simple question: how easy is it to summarize my daily dermoscopy workflow?

-The MetaOptima Team

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