How DermEngine Can Support Dermoscopy Services In Primary Care

by The DermEngine Team on Feb 19, 2019

Due to the dermatologist shortage, GPs and other healthcare providers are on the front lines in the fight against skin cancer. As primary care physicians are managing an additional number of dermatology cases, what can technology do to support them?

Whether it’s lack of time, resources, or confidence, physicians aren’t able to manage these cases, and as a result, directly refer them to a dermatologist. However, with wait times of over 60 days to see a dermatologist, patients aren’t receiving the care they need, and unfortunately, skin cancer doesn’t wait. How can DermEngine replace this dynamic with one built on education, communication and accessibility?

1. Increase Confidence
In order for physicians to provide dermatology-based care they need to be confident in their clinical decisions. However, many state they do not have the time to receive additional education in dermoscopy or skin cancer diagnosis, healthcare- this is where Visual Search comes in.

Visual Search is an educational resource designed to support GPs in their dermatology-related clinical decisions.  Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the algorithm provides similar images from a database of thousands of pathology-labeled images gathered from expert dermatologists around the world to your current patient case. From here, the physician can study these visually similar images for supporting data to assist them in providing evidence-based feedback.

Medical Professional Reviewing Dermoscopy image on DermEngine

2. Optimize Workflows
Although supporting the confidence of GPs in diagnosing skin cancer-related cases is an important first step, it must be also be addressed that a certain number of more challenging cases must be left to the professionals. Unfortunately, 70% of specialists currently rate the referral information they receive as fair or poor, with only ~62% of PCPs stating they received any diagnosis update.1,2  

In order to provide quality care to patients, physicians and dermatologists must adopt a connective system such as DermEngine’s referral network which prioritizes real-time data transfers and centralized documentationAs a result, GPs have the power to refer challenging patient cases to a dermatologist in their network when necessary while providing all of the relevant documents (such as images, history, and other notes). Additionally, since the diagnosis is documented within DermEngine the GP will receive a notification alerting them that the case has been completed, resulting in a simplified communication process for all stakeholders.

Mobile Dermoscope MoleScope-3

3. Enhance Connectivity
When implementing a new practice, it follows that it will take up an additional portion of the physician’s time (no matter how efficient). Rather than taking the time to capture clinical and dermoscopic images, why not have patients take them on their own initiative? By empowering patients with a mobile dermoscope they are able to capture and submit high-quality images with the use of MoleScope device and teledermatology app. Connected directly to DermEngine, physicians are able to view cases and submit results without any additional work for a simplified experience while keeping patients engaged in their skin care plan.

Uniting These Benefits
With the use of DermEngine’s connective interface, physicians have the power to provide dermatology and dermoscopy services with confidence; by receiving skin images, utilizing educational tools, and having the freedom to refer cases with ease medical professionals are truly supported at every step of the care cycle. Saving lives with quality care shouldn’t hold healthcare providers back- instead, they can adopt technologies that encourage them to grow and develop their services to provide exceptional care in the quest to make a difference and ultimately save lives.

-The MetaOptima Team
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