The Power Of Centrality In Handling Patient Dermatology Data

by The DermEngine Team on Dec 17, 2018

Patient dermatology data constitutes the most important piece in the healthcare puzzle. Relying on clean, precise and trustworthy data is the beginning of the quest to tackle any patient’s health concern.1 The ability to gather and condense high-quality data in a central, interconnected and highly-accessible online hub is becoming the norm for modern dermatology services. This article will introduce the main technical aspects present in cloud-based dermatology software which turn them into the pillar of everyday practices.

1. The advantages of the cloud: accessibility, security and interconnectivity
Dermatology electronic medical record (EMR) software are turning towards remote connectivity as their best ally. Indeed, the possibility of working with constant access to databases located on remote servers can be a great advantage from an accessibility standpoint, as patient data can be utilized and shared among many professionals connected to a common platform. In this regard, cloud-based dermatology EMRs such as DermEngine offer the latest advances in communication for patient data sharing. Following the SaaS model, all information is safely stored in cloud servers compliant with the highest encryption standards for confidentiality and identity-theft prevention purposes.

However, accessibility and security are just one side of the equation in the revolution brought by cloud-based software. In fact, the most advantageous feature of all may be having every aspect of a patient’s case in one single online hub. In other words, patients’ past medical history, together with any useful previous diagnoses or family disease prevalence can be coupled with new skin lesion imaging and pathological laboratory results all in a centralized database. If continuous remote accessibility and safety are added on top of this, the power of centrality becomes apparent.

Cloud-based EMRs can act as central hubs where all patient information is conveniently stored for everyone in the healthcare system to remotely access it.

 2. Cloud-based connectivity harnesses the power of multidisciplinary action
As a concept, centrality speaks to the possibility of the many stakeholders involved in the healthcare process to access key data in an equally-reachable way. Cloud-based systems allow dermatologists, general practitioners, nurses, technicians, pathologists, administrative staff and others to partake in the secure exchange of patient data located in one common place and updated in real time. Handling the latest information gives the extra benefit of having experienced professionals providing their expertise for more accurate and precise diagnostic processes.

DermEngine, as part of the cloud-based dermatology software available in the market, is a great example of how these platforms are also revolutionizing the way communications occur among medical colleagues in the healthcare environment. The chance to share medical notes on dermatopathology lab results or dermoscopic imaging for a second professional opinion on a diagnosis can be a turning point for the final verdict. Additionally, being able to active and readily refer a patient to a colleague within the online network of contacts can save precious time in unnecessary paperwork. This colleague will have the opportunity to reply as to whether it’s within their possibilities to see the patient in the timeframe expected, with no need for unsecure phone calls or emails.

Cloud-based dermatology EMRs allow for interdisciplinary collaboration on a common platform.

As newer communication technologies are turning towards the centrality of cloud-based SaaS models, healthcare practices are being profoundly changed by the implementation of such systems. Dermatology cloud-based EMRs are offering the potential to integrate the condensation of all patient data in a single online hub accessible by all stakeholders involved in the caregiving process, in remote and secure ways. For doctors to have such a tool signifies a continuous flow of updated information that can be the inflection point for accurate diagnostic procedures and improved patient medical services.

-The MetaOptima Team
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