Top Trends in Health IT: What To Expect At HIMSS 2019

by The DermEngine Team on Feb 8, 2019

Health IT: an area of virtually endless growth (and frustrations) which has become a central hub for innovation. With HIMSS 2019 just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at some of the most anticipated sources for innovation at one of the biggest global health conferences.

Big Data
Businesses analyze an average of only 12% of their acquired data, and that’s a huge problem.With a projected volume of 44 zettabytes (44 trillion GB) by 2020, businesses will be showcasing how their software can not only store but analyze big data could save the healthcare industry up to $300 billion each year.2

Analysis of Big Data for predictive analytics in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence
Projected to reduce treatment costs by as much as 50%, artificial intelligence (AI) will revolutionize the way medical professionals provide their care. Only one example, algorithms are proven to correctly identify ~95% of melanomas, proving to be a valuable tool to support medical professionals for evidence-based clinical decisions.

Predictive Analytics
With 88% of industry experts stating that predictive analytics will improve patient quality of care and 47% of healthcare organizations already using this technology, healthcare providers can expect a drastic increase in the adoption of this technology. Breakthroughs will be closely tied with artificial intelligence and big data, as both are direct influencers of an algorithm’s ability to locate intrinsic patterns within a patient’s file for optimized care.2

Research demonstrates that successful patient matching was as low as 50% when shared across care settings.3 In order to provide connected, quality care medical institutions will need to adopt a semantic interoperability approach which will allow for the complete utilization of shared data by different EMR software for best practice.

Patient-Centric Care (via a disruptive framework)
A new model inspired by the term “patient-centred” care, patient-centric care focuses on breaking down traditional healthcare frameworks in favor of a new model designed to meet the unique needs of varying medical professionals and their patients for personalized, connected care. With 79% of users more likely to select a care provider that encourages patient engagement and online communication, patient-centric care is a must. 4

Artificial Intelligence For Dermatology Advanced Insights DermEngien-1

Digital Literacy (for an aging population)
As digital healthcare continues to evolve, 31.8 million Americans are left behind due to digital literacy. In order to provide and receive streamlined care, both medical professionals and their patients need to become trained and comfortable with healthcare tools that promote ease-of-use and accessibility.

Above all else, EMR software must be secure and private. With the (relatively) recent implementation of GDPR, it isn’t enough for technologies to adhere to regulatory policies- the must go above and beyond to satisfy an industry packed with sensitive, valuable data.

As HIMSS 2019 approaches, it will be exciting to see what new innovations will enter the Health IT sector. Although a fast-paced industry currently filled with disruption, expected topics include everything from interoperability to artificial intelligence (AI). Regardless of which topics take the spotlight at this year’s anticipated conference, it is guaranteed that all innovations will possess the ultimate goal of enabling accessible, affordable, and informed services for optimized care.

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-The MetaOptima Team

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